Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School’s Permit Canceled At Jokowi’s Direction

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Religion Ad Interim Muhadjir Effendy said the cancellation of the revocation of the operational permit of the Majma’al Bahrain boarding school SiddiqiyahJombang, East Java at the direction of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

“Under the direction of the President, it is better if the revocation of the operational permit status is cancelled. I received directions. Of course, in making a decision, the President must direct him,” said Muhadjir at the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/7).



Muhadjir emphasized that the case had no institutional connection to the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School, but only individuals in the pesantren. The person who was caught in the case, he said, had also surrendered himself and the police were taking action.

“The individual has surrendered himself. Those who hinder the apparatus have also been dealt with. There are thousands of students. It must be ensured that the teaching and learning process is guaranteed,” he said.

Muhadjir said the cancellation of the permit revocation was for the good of the students who were studying at the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School. He then appealed to the public to be clear on the matter.

“Those who are strongly suspected of committing a criminal act should be processed. Now, let the cottage run normally,” he said.

Previously, Muhadjir restored the operational permit of the Majma’al Bahrain Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School on Monday (11/7).

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The permit for the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School was revoked by the Ministry of Religion on Thursday (7/7). The revocation is related to the alleged molestation case by Moch. Subchi Azal Tsani (MSAT) aka Bechi. The son of the kiai who founded the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School was named a suspect for allegedly molesting a number of female students.

The proposal to revoke the permit for the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School was first issued by the National Police Headquarters. At that time, the Police pushed for the suspension of boarding school permits at that time.

According to the Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency (Kabareskrim) of the National Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto, the request to freeze the permit was a support for the arrest of MSAT, which at that time was still in process.

After freezing, MSAT finally surrendered to the police. He was immediately detained by the East Java Regional Police.


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