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Which some may not like same corners if dogecoin (DOGE), shiba inu (SHIB) and floki inu (FLOKI), there is still a huge group of investors who are only too happy to own these cryptocurrencies. This is apparent from the fact that SHIB reached an important milestone yesterday. There are now more than 1 million SHIB holders!

Shiba Inu Celebrates Milestone

Shiba Inu is one of the major meme coins, including the aforementioned. The project has grown rapidly in recent months, resulting in a nice icing on the cake. The project’s Twitter channel reads:

“Such a proud and amazing milestone for the Shib Army!
SHIB reaches 1,000,000 holders.
Today we all cheer and celebrate this great moment in the history of SHIB.”

It is striking that so many people own the crypto since the price is very volatile. At the end of October, the altcoin peaked at a price of $0.00008870, a all-time high (ATH). But since then, the price has fallen and shiba inu is now trading 54% below this ATH.

SHIB rises briefly after good news

The share price of SHIB reacted to the above news yesterday. Yesterday afternoon the price started to rise before finally peaking after an upward movement of 23%. Since yesterday at the end of the afternoon, however, SHIB has also been corrected by more than 14%. As mentioned, a volatile altcoin!

There has been even more good news for the meme coin in recent days. For example, Bitfinex has SHIB/USDT trading pairs added in front of perpetual contracts, a derivative. In addition, the South Korean stock market Quill that it added the altcoin.

All in all, this keeps shiba inu dangling just outside the top 10 of largest cryptocurrencies. It has to tolerate dogecoin as the largest meme coin on the market. If you want to buy SHIB, a warning is always in order; as mentioned, the altcoin is very volatile and therefore the risk is high.


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