Shiba Inu Coin: here’s the video game

Tomorrow will be the great day? Two Tweets respectively from the official account of $ SHIB and from that of Shytoshi Kusama revive the enthusiasm on Shiba Inu Coin, a project that has been experiencing a waning phase for more than a week now that has thrown despair all those who have entered close to the maximum price.

A video – and a development announcement a game linked to the world of Shiba Inu Coin began circulating on Twitter – for the next chapter of development of a protocol that – it should be said – never ceases to amaze.

The $ SHIB game is coming – details tomorrow in Shytoshi Kusama’s Medium

The announcement could have bullish effects – and some interesting ones on the half e long period. We can find $ SHIB also on eToro platformgo here to get a free virtual account with professional features included, an intermediary that offers the possibility of accessing 40+ cryptovalute, with professional-level analysis and operational services.

This is where we have the CopyTrader – service of copia in 1 click which allows you to operate as professionals do or even to to analyze their moves. In addition we also have the CopyTrader – which allows us to invest its panieri cripto already diversified. With 50$ we can switch to a real account.

The mysterious video from Shib’s official account

One thought to warm the waters video published in the middle of the night (Italian time), from the official account of $ SHIB. A video that shows a few seconds without adding anything in terms of explanation.

Video that has collected many shares – and some criticism – from an increasing audience impatient, particularly because of the performance not excellent of the price of $ SHIB. There was more than it boiled for though Shiba Inu Coin, which was demonstrated by a subsequent tweet, a few minutes ago, by Shytoshi Kusama.

As promised tomorrow I will publish a new Medium, with details on giochi Shiba Inu and to introduce you to the guide / consultant who will work directly with an AAA game studio.

The reference is to a development house which should be of big dimensions and well-known name of the industry, which could help grow thehype maybe a little lost from the project over the last week.

Great news, even if the markets may be waiting for the details

This is obviously great news for the project, which adds another tile to his development and which, once again, keeps what it promised in the past. The fact that the markets have not yet fully reacted leaves a good one window for those wishing to strengthen their positions on $ SHIB.

News that will make happy those who are still in the dance with interesting positions – and which we hope will be rewarded by this new announcement. Announcement on which we will be able to return in the next 24 ore, When Shytoshi will publish the long and detailed post that will update us on the situation.

its $ SHIB we are therefore left with a outlook positivo, in particular in the medium and long term – given that the group keep adding meat in the fire and then to actually complement what he promised to to integrate.


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