Shhh …. There is a secret code to activate Telkomsel’s cheap internet packages, try the list

MOTOR – Shhh …, there is a secret code for activating it internet package cheap Telkomsel.

Very fitting for bikers who are confused looking for internet quota cheap.

This is more fun cheap internet in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of them is from Telkomsel.

Just dial a secret code, later internet package immediately active.

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Here’s how to get cheap Telkomsel internet quota from

So far, brother has only tried the mainstay code for internet packages from Telkomsel via the dial up menu at * 363 #.

So some of the following codes, which are quoted from, can be the right choice to try a cheaper internet package with a larger quota.

The following codes present some of the cheapest internet package options that can be a mainstay when browsing the internet.

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