Shhh … realm narzo 30A is ready to invade the Indonesian mobile market


Realme manufacturers hope that the unique sales box Realme Narzo 30A can inspire young people to push the power within themselves. Photo / Ist

JAKARTA – Cell phone really The narzo 30A, which has just been leaked, seems to be ready to invade Indonesian mobile market . This is known from the actions of Realme Indonesia which openly leak the new design and color of the sales box for cell phone gaming affordable it. Also read: Vivo No. 1 and Realme No. 4, Q4 2020 Cell Phone Shipping Results

Adopting two colors, namely blue and white in the new sales box Realme Narzo 30A, is an affirmation of that smartphone this will again disrupt the market online smartphone by presenting that performance powerful and trendy designs. There is also a yellow realme logo at the top that looks contrasting, giving it a stunning appearance with the dominance of blue and white.

Manufacturers hope that the unique sales box Realme Narzo 30A can inspire young people to push the power within themselves. To note, the first generation narzo reality was launched for the first time in Indonesia last year. His vision at that time was the courage to disrupt the market smartphone.

The Narzo series indeed depicts the unique character of young people, to be precise, energetic, brave and intelligent. Because of these unique characteristics, the realm of Narzo has quickly become popular with young people.

What’s more, this series has experienced significant technological upgrades and sales growth. At 11.11 Salebration last year, for example, the realm Narzo 20 Series successfully sold 27,000 units, making it the No.1 Best-Selling Smartphone in the price range of Rp1.8 million-2.5 million at Shopee.

For technological improvements, from the first generation narzo to the narzo series 20, it always carries chipset gaming. For example, the MediaTek Helio G90T and G85. To provide a non-stop gaming experience, Realme Narzo Series also presents a large battery with a minimum capacity of 4,300 mAh to 6,000 mAh with fast charging available in the sales box.

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Cellphones also always use a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and large storage storage. As smartphone other realms, realm narzo series comes with trendy designs and the best quality. Also read: Two US Enemies, Huawei and ZTE, Help China Lead the World in 6G Technology



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