Shhh… LG Has New Technology for Foldable Screen Phones


LG Chem, a subsidiary of LG, showcased a new screen coating technology for foldable phones. What are the advantages?

According to LG, which has now shut down its mobile phone business, this screen layer technology will increase the screen power on foldable or foldable phones.

This screen layer can be folded outward or inward, and according to LG there is no plastic material used in this screen layer. This means that foldable phone manufacturers can immediately use this layer without the need to make major design changes.

LG calls this layer the ‘Rear Folding Window’, and this layer is not only intended for mobile phones, but also for laptops and tablets.

“Unlike today’s polymide films and tempered glass-like materials, the ‘window cover’ using the new LG Chem coating will maximize flexibility, and also provide optimal solutions for foldable phones such as improvement in chronic problems such as crease marks on the connectors. screen,” said a spokesperson for LG Chem.

The main advantage of this Rear Folding Window according to LG is the level of violence. The new material used to coat it will be thinner than the current tempered glass but have the same level of hardness.

In addition, although it does not use plastic material at all, this layer has the flexibility of a plastic screen. Then, LG also promises that this layer can reduce the crease marks that are common in foldable phones.

These fold marks are one of the things that are still the main drawback in foldable phones. Namely the presence of folds on the screen that bends, that’s what LG is trying to improve through this new layer.

In terms of durability, this new coating is promised to be very durable. So far it has been tested as many as 200 thousand folds and can still maintain its quality.

Unfortunately, this new coating cannot be mass-produced in the near future. LG Chem says that production can be done as early as 2022, and mass production can only be done as early as 2023.

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