Sherif Madkour on his colon cancer: “A sign of our Lord’s satisfaction with me”

Journalist Sherif Madkour revealed the need to conduct continuous medical examinations, especially with age, to ensure that there are no diseases or to identify signs of any disease whose symptoms have not yet appeared. “Madkour” said, during his meeting with the program “The Women Mayerfosh Yakdboa”, which is broadcast on the cbc channel: “Our Lord and I were called to make an umrah that he would offer me a sign of his love for Leah and his satisfaction with me, and two weeks later I learned of my colon cancer, at that time I knew that our Lord loves me.”

He added: “The man, after the age of 45, is supposed to perform colon examinations, specifically every two years, so that he will not be surprised that he has cancer, God forbid.”

He stressed that one of the main causes of cancer, specifically colon cancer, is excessive grilling of food, and although the harms of using sugar in food, it does not lead to cancer.

Sherif Madkour explained that his cancer treatment period ended recently, stressing that his health condition has become better now, but he is currently suffering from slight “numbness” in the extremities.


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