Sheinbaum analyzes if more restrictions are adopted by covid the following week


In Mexico City for next week no changes are expected in the epidemiological traffic light, which is currently in orange with an alert, but the possibility of modifying schedules and restrictions in some economic activities that are in operation is being reviewed.

This was reported by the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, who noted that they are in coordination with Dr. Hugo López-Gatell and the Government of Mexico to analyze the situation facing the country’s capital, in relation to hospitalizations for Covid-19 .

“(Next week) We are not going to run a red light and we are evaluating whether to take more restrictive measures tomorrow and if it continues to increase, next week we should do so from next week. So let them know that we are taking the measures with all responsibility without any pressure, always balancing economic activity and jobs, above all, family income and health protection, then we will continue to act responsibly as we have done. until now and tomorrow we can already inform if there is an additional restriction or we wait for next week depending on the increase and we will explain it very well, we will be very responsible, “he said.

The capital president urged the population not to lower their guard and continue with health measures to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

He regretted what happened this Wednesday in the Church of San Hipólito where the recommendations of the authorities were not respected and the believers gathered in the place.

“Yesterday there was indeed a much larger crowd than expected, in fact the Church was opened when we thought it was going to remain closed there was a lack of coordination and communication. So for the 11th and 12th the Secretary of the Government is speaking with the highest ecclesial authorities so that we can not have these agglomerations, that people celebrate this important day for all Mexicans which is the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, that we can celebrate from home and in a completely different time ”, he added.

He recalled that for November 1 and 2, the pantheons will remain closed, so he invited the population to worship their loved ones from home.

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