Sheila ‘s TV3 dinner show sparkles again Shows

On the evening of Tuesday, November 30, viewers of the channel TV3 were able to follow the events of the culinary and entertaining show “Almost Perfect Dinner”, in which various challenges await both participants and viewers.

At the “almost perfect dinner” this week a colorful company met – well-known people with different eating habits are trying to find a common language: musician Anmary, cocktail master Ilmārs Munkevics, soloist of the group “Other Boys” Jānis Pētersons and multi-artist Šeila Vanaga already managed to stand out on the first night.

In the second show of the week, Jānis demonstrated his cooking and hospitality skills to the general public, who was not at all sure if he would succeed in the kitchen at all.

However, as Anmary said before dinner, everyone will have eaten well this evening and their stomachs will be happy. Sheila, a freshman, also said that she would definitely not eat.

Also tonight, Sheila turned out to be the most verbal at the table. “There is definitely no silence with Sheil, there is a must-have discussion, because there is a constant ball of energy that is bubbling all the time,” said Anmary.

Jānis Šeila had not only prepared three different fresh meals, but also provided chopsticks for the guest to eat. “I didn’t just eat today, but what I call conscious eating, conscious enjoyment, is what I did today,” Sheila was pleased.

For the other diners, the host was the first to bring a Greek salad to the table, which Anmary was most enthusiastic about. In the main course, guests had the opportunity to “put together” their ideal tortilla from different ingredients.

It was time for entertainment, and guests with loud applause were invited to meet “Latvia’s loudest group”, which surprised with a song dedicated to diners. Sheila hurried to the dance and admitted that “better entertainment is not possible at all”. “Eat fresh and your energy will run out!” Sheila’s enthusiasm for having fun was commented on by behind-the-scenes voice actor Artūrs Skrastiņš.

Anmary was soon released and said it was “hard to beat”. The enthusiasm of both ladies was later reflected in the evaluation of the evening.

After the fun, it was time to serve dessert, and John brought meringue roulette to the table, but Sheila had a portion of blended avocado with strawberries and mint.

Sheila, Anmary and Ilmārs were awarded less than nine points for John’s care and dedication when receiving guests, and the overall score for this week’s second dinner was 85 points.



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