Sheamus revealed why he left his YouTube channel

A few weeks ago, Sheamus resumed his exercise program which is posted on his YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior Workouts, and had interesting guests. First it was Bobby Lashley, and days later Liv Morgan joined him, although more Superstars have joined the Celtic Warrior on these broadcasts.

Sheamus – WWE SmackDown October 14, 2022.

► Vince McMahon’s controversial measure on the use of third-party netting has also affected Sheamus

Sheamus’ YouTube channel show it had been on hiatus since December 2020 until it was re-aired, and the former WWE Champion recently revealed why.

Vince McMahon banned all third-party sources of income for his Superstars in September 2020, during the pandemic. This has prevented fighters from exploiting their image on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube e it only allowed some to continue on official channels or partners reducing the company’s profits, such as Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown. This controversial measure was not very well received, and even caused Zelina Vega to be fired, along with the annoyance of many others, who were forced to reluctantly agree. With the retirement of Vince McMahon, Triple H lifted this measure weeks after assuming creative lead in WWE.

During a recent appearance on SHAK Fightrevealed Sheamus why you stopped posting your workout plans on your channel YouTube, associating it with the measure imposed by Vince McMahon.

“It just grew and grew and the Celtic Warrior Workouts program was amazing and thenI guess the whole social media thing with TikTok, with Twitch and there was a couple of other things that came in, so it all got put in the same blender… So I had to discontinue the channel, because it was a full umbrella of social media and 3rd party stuff, hence why I was in that mold and because I was doing it myself.

Fans ovation Sheamus at WWE Clash at the Castle (03/09/2022) / WWE
Sheamus and WWE Clash at the Castle

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