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A woman slipped on a cherry while wearing slippers while shopping at the supermarket and asked for 2 million yuan from the supermarket. (Scheme / pixabay)

Is it my fault that I wear slippers or is it Cherry’s fault? A woman in mainland China wore slippers to go to a hypermarket and accidentally stepped on a cherry on the floor, falling into “level 10 disability”. she that the supermarket’s responsibility was relatively large, and in the end she sentenced the supermarket to pay the woman 160,000 yuan (about NT $680,000).

according to“Litigation Network”According to reports, a woman named Li went shopping at a supermarket one day in 2018. Because it was very hot, she went out in slippers and fell because she stepped on a cherry that fell on the ground. When the supermarket staff found her outside, they immediately called for an emergency room call, after which Ms. Li was sent to the hospital for treatment. Her right leg kneecap was fractured.

Later, the supermarket helped Ms. Li pay RMB 20,000 (about NT$86,000) for her medical expenses, but Ms. Li felt that the supermarket was just a humanitarian rescue, and she thought that the supermarket had given her these little money and wanted to get rid of her. In this regard, the supermarket believes that it is not the supermarket’s fault that Ms. Li slipped because she was wearing slippers and did not pay attention to the ground conditions. Due to the failure of the negotiation between the two sides, Ms. Li had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the supermarket, demanding that the supermarket pay 500,000 yuan (about NT$2.15 million) in compensation.

The Court of First Instance found that Ms. Li was primarily responsible because she wore slippers in the supermarket and did not pay attention to safety. However, the supermarket also bears part of the responsibility and has to pay RMB 20,000 (about NT$86,000). Li Nv was dissatisfied with the verdict and continued to appeal.

The second instance court said that the supermarket should bear the main responsibility. After the investigation, it was found that the supermarket employees dropped cherries on the ground while pushing the trolley. Before Li stepped on it, several people almost slipped and fell. Instead of addressing the situation, they continued chatting. Therefore, the supermarket should bear 70% of the responsibility, and Ms. Li, who wore the slippers, should also bear some of the responsibility. In the end, the supermarket was ordered to pay Ms. Li 160,000 yuan (about NT $680,000).

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