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Luciana Tugores, a young woman from Zárate, He shared on Twitter the unexpected proposal he received when he inquired about a rental property.

The girl, whose profile name is @LucianaTugores, wroteor “How strange were the requirements to rent” and accompanied the text with a screenshot of the hilarious dialogue he had on Facebook Messenger.

One of the many curious details of the conversation was that the person in charge of responding was a friend of the owner of the house. It all started with a simple question: “Hello, do you have a rental, maybe?”

The answer was not long in coming and the same thing happened with the surprise of the girl. “I have a free house. It’s not rent. It’s in Merlo,” the other person clarified.

He immediately told him the details of the situation: “My friend is deprived of his freedom for robbery, the guy is not a bad kid, he is a great person. But he likes to steal, give yourself all the hustos, you’re doing well on the street,” he explained.

“Beware, I do not justify what he does, but thanks to that he has his house, his things, his car and everything. But he is alone. Many people reuse it because it is good,” he continued.

And he added: “So he decided to give someone who really needs it a chance. I meanHe saw you and he liked you. And out there when you met him and saw that everything I say is true, you wanted to be her woman and start a family together “.

“Well, it’s long to explain, I summarized it for you, but It’s not ugly kid and if you want I can present them. Give me your number and I’ll introduce you “, she proposed.

The young woman took it with humor, decided to share it on the social network and caused a furor: the post already has more than 71 thousand “likes”.

And hours later, after receiving hundreds of comments, he made a new jocular post: “I’ll still take advantage, if they know of a 3 room rental in La Plata I agree to be the wife of whoever.”

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