She was almost executed by the Taliban. She did not give up, now the world is changing from the cover of the famous Vogue

I hope that every girl who sees this front page understands that she can change the world. This sentence was written by Nobel Peace Prize winner and activist Júsufzai in addition to her latest post on Instagram. Now, the 23-year-old woman has announced that she will appear on the cover of the July issue of the British edition of Vogue, the world’s most prestigious fashion magazine. She told the editors openly about her life.

The entire title page is worn in red, red is in the background on the clothes of a young woman. Malala has a scarf on her head. As she said in an interview with Vogue, the headscarf is much more than just a sign of the Muslim faith. “It is a cultural symbol of us, Pashtuns, so it represents my place of origin. When we Muslim, Pashtun or Pakistani girls follow traditional dress, we are considered oppressed or without a voice. But I want to tell everyone that you can have your own voice and equality in and in your culture, “Malala told British Vogue.

The events that changed Júsufzai’s life began in motion at the age of eleven. A girl living in Pakistan then started creating an online blog. She wrote in it not only about the life that is controlled in the country by the radical Taliban movement, but also about her desire to be educated. Malala, like other girls in the country, was not allowed to go to school. Her voice grew louder until the Taliban began to feel threatened. When she was fifteen, Taliban members tried to shoot her. “After the attack, she was taken with her family to a hospital in Birmingham, UK. She survived the head shot and became a subject of global interest, “CNN now writes.

Nobel Peace Prize

Even after the attack, which almost cost her her life, Malala did not stop fighting for the girls’ right to education. “Shortly after her release from the hospital, she set up an education fund to help girls around the world get an education. In 2014, at the age of seventeen, she became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, “the BBC said.

Her family settled in Britain, and Malala was finally given the opportunity to study freely. But as she said in her latest interview, she didn’t really enjoy the real freedom that every student in the West knows until she started university. She got to the prestigious British Oxford. “It simply came to my notice then. I’ve never really been in the company of people my age before. After recovering from the attack, I traveled the world, published a book and prepared a documentary, “Malala Júsufzajová explained for Vogue.

She studied politics, economics and philosophy at Oxford Malala. But as she herself said, she also found time for ordinary student joys. “I was number one at school in Pakistan. But when I joined Oxford, I was very sad after the first lessons. Suddenly I became an average student who has to compete with the brightest brains in the world. You know, they say there are three things at Oxford that you can never have all of. Study, sleep and socialization. I chose socialization. I finally had time for myself. I enjoyed everything from going to McDonald’s to playing poker with friends, “Júsufzajová described her student years with exaggeration. And like all other students, she sometimes wrote essays at the last minute, the night before the submission deadline.

Nevertheless, she proved to be an excellent student and graduated from prestigious school with honors.

Moreover, she did not stop practicing activism even during her studies. In addition to important personalities of political life, she also met other young girls who are trying to improve the world through their activities. For example, she knows eco-activist Greta Thunberg, who even came to visit her at Oxford. “I know the strength of a young girl in her heart when she has a vision and a mission,” Malala said.

She graduated from college last year. She has now decided to choose a style of communication with the world similar to that of the Obama couple or the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Production of programs. In March, Júsufzajová concluded a multi-year contract with Apple TV + and founded the production company Extracurricular. “I want the shows to be fun. The kind I would look at myself, “Malala explained for Vogue. Not only are documentaries about important topics such as girls’ education or women’s rights going to be produced, but the comedy genre should also be on the agenda.” Malala can be a global icon, at the same time, she is still a woman who likes Jamaican take away food and watching an episode of the Rick and Morty series, “writes British Vogue about her.



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