She was 17, he was 42… The difficult happiness of the Soviet Audrey Hepburn | Cinema and TV | Free time

She was 17, he was 42… The difficult happiness of the Soviet Audrey Hepburn |  Cinema and TV |  Free time

45 years ago, in September 1978, a melodrama was released on the screens of the country Emil Loteanu “My Sweet and Tender Beast”. What happened to the actress? Galina Belyaeva, who played the main role in the film, found out

16-year-old Galina got into the film “My Affectionate and Gentle Beast” by accident. She studied at the Voronezh Choreographic School and dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But one day the door in the classroom opened… Assistant director Emil Loteanu saw Gali’s “roe deer” eyes. And she invited the girl to audition.

When the call came, Galya, without hesitation, went to Moscow. Although I couldn’t imagine how the sudden journey would end.

Emil Loteanu gave her a fishing rod

At first, nothing worked for her in front of the camera. However, this was not at all strange – while studying to be a ballerina, Galya did not know how to speak, she was uptight and shy. Loteanu was angry and terribly dissatisfied. Fortunately, during tests with Oleg Yankovsky the actor helped the debutante play a difficult episode. Loteanu took the risk of approving the inexperienced Belyaeva. And I was right. True, the film was not given a state prize, but the film was included in the competition program of the Cannes Film Festival. Galina woke up as a star – now her name was nothing other than Soviet Audrey Hepburn. A waltz Evgenia Dogi, which he wrote specifically for the film, was recognized as perhaps the most famous film waltz in the world. In Russia this composition is still very popular.

“This film is very dear to me,” admitted Galina Belyaeva. “My adult life began with him.” From him and from the person who invited me to the cinema. And, as they say, he gave me a fishing rod.”

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However, the main “prize” for the 17-year-old actress was… Emil Loteanu himself. During filming, the director of the film became seriously interested in the girl, waited until she came of age and convinced her mother to give her daughter to him in marriage. The resistance of the future mother-in-law turned out to be useless. And the director did not pay attention to the idle conversations of colleagues and the public – they say that the young creature is corrupting. Roman was fabulously handsome – he knew how to look after Loteanu.

Galina and Emil’s first year together was happy. Soon their son Emil was born. Belyaeva was actively filming. Now she was not just a young inexperienced actress, but a movie star, who was shot by “Loteanu himself” – the director of the sensational film “The Camp Goes to Heaven.”

Galina Belyaeva and Emil Loteanu. 1982 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Vladimir Vyatkin

Left alone with two sons

Unfortunately, the family happiness of Belyaeva and Loteanu was short-lived. Perhaps the problem is the work problems that the director encountered. His next film, which he came up with for the sake of his wife, the serial “Anna Pavlova”, failed. By the way, here Belyaeva voiced Elena Proklova. And a more experienced professional ballerina danced for Galina. The ballet community did not accept the film at all, and Loteanu was fired from Mosfilm.

However, the marriage began to crack during filming, when the director and wife lived in different rooms at the hotel. Galina later explained: her husband did not respect her, behaved rudely, did not listen to her opinion. And among his colleagues he had a reputation as a rebel, almost a dissident. Belyaeva was already hinted that she would not get good roles. And she didn’t receive them. That is, I was filming. But apart from “…the affectionate and gentle beast,” nothing else remained in the memory of the audience.

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In 1984, Galina filed for divorce from Loteanu. He was against it. Having kidnapped his son, he took him to Moldova. Belyaeva went crazy, not knowing where to look for little Emil. The director’s former passion helped her then – Svetlana Toma. They had nothing to share – when Loteanu became interested in Belyaeva, it was all over with Svetlana. (By the way, on the set of “Tabor…”, where her romance with Loteanu began, the actress was also underage.)

Son Emil returned to his mother. Loteanu agreed to the divorce. He was even able to improve relations with Galina. But nothing good happened to her in her film career. It was probably the stage that saved it – in the theater. Mayakovsky Belyaeva has been working for 40 years and was awarded the title “Honored”.

Another son – Plato — Galina gave birth outside of an official marriage from a surgeon Levana Sakvarelidze.

“If he loves your children, he loves you too”

Galina found her man and true love only on the third try. But from relationships with Sergei Doichenko (five years younger), whom she met literally on the street, at the doors of the theater, Galina was also dissuaded. But the elder in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra advised us to get married. She obeyed. She gave birth to a daughter and a son. And Sergei became a real support for the actress. The same stone wall behind which many women dream of living after getting married.

“He selflessly entered my life and began to take care of the boys. He took me to the theater, and he himself could bathe Plato and put him to bed. Mom then told me: “If he loves your children, then he loves you too.”

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Years later, it was Sergei, who became a businessman in the publishing industry, who was able to find Galina’s father, whom she had not seen for many years – since he broke up with her mother. Later, the couple took care of Emil Loteanu, who was seriously ill at the end of his life.

Galina Belyaeva after finishing the play “Happy Days of an Unlucky Man” directed by Yuri Ioffe at the Vladimir Mayakovsky Moscow Academic Theater.  2022
Galina Belyaeva after finishing the play “Happy Days of an Unlucky Man” directed by Yuri Ioffe at the Vladimir Mayakovsky Moscow Academic Theater. 2022 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Vladimir Fedorenko

Once upon a time, when she married a director, Galina hoped that this would be her first and last marriage. It didn’t work out. There was not enough wisdom, as Belyaeva noted. And God loves the trinity…

Now the actress doesn’t care much about the number of roles, she doesn’t care about fame and popularity. She is not interested in parties, does not appear on TV. She feels good in her family, in her country house. This is her happiness. Which she had been looking for for so long. And which she truly suffered.

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