She wanted freedom, now it ends. The highest-placed player was disqualified from the US Open

Kristina Mladenovicová, the highest-seeded doubles pair, Tímea Babosová, was eliminated from the US Open shortly before the second round match due to Mladenovicová’s quarantine.

The French tennis player belonged to a group of about ten people who came in contact with Benoit Pair, who was tested positive for coronavirus before the start of the New York Grand Slam and was not allowed to start in the tournament.

The American Tennis Association (USTA) announced today that Mladenovic must be quarantined following a notice from the Nassau County Health Authority, where the official US Open hotel is located. According to the new regulation, the French tennis player must stay in the hotel for the rest of the designated quarantine period, ie until 11 September.

Mladenovicová has already played two singles matches at the US Open and together with Babosová they managed the opening duel in the doubles. After dropping out on the single, she complained about the restrictions she had to accept and said she wanted freedom back.


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