She tore up her wedding photos and Adel Imam stormed the ceremony with a strange situation … stories of M.

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Wednesday 18 November 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

Today, November 18, the famous duo Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki celebrate their birthday, who got married in 2002, after a romantic story that brought them together after a strong friendship for a year that turned into a mutual recognition of love between them.

In conjunction with this occasion, we review tales and situations in the life of the famous duo:

Her father’s condition to agree to her marriage to Helmy

In a previous interview with the artist Ahmed Helmy with the program “Your Excellency”, he revealed the scenes of his association with Mona Zaki, saying: “I spoke to Muna, and I said you are Baba a traveler, so it is possible to speak to my brother, so I spoke to her brother. He would have mercy on him from traveling, I said to him, Doctor (I am such-and-such), and he is a very beautiful and understanding man, and he asked me about money or what was with you, and I realized how much I love her and her love for me, and I imagined the interview before I went to meet him, he said, ‘Get out of the house.’

He added, “My dream”: “Hama, I said, I want from you to promise a man that you will meet me at home, and you are welcome at home at any time, and you can go out with some on the condition that your friends are with you, not alone, and I am sitting for a year in travel and return, and you do not need anything from me, except that he Say, “A year ago and come back and see what you did?

He continued: “I didn’t have money and I didn’t know what to do at the time, and I gathered an advertisement for a telecommunications company that I present with Muhammad Saad, and my protection was on a number for the network, like her aunt’s son, estimated at 40 thousand pounds, and when I got this number from the advertisement, I served them and put them on the side to some extent.” He shall be protected from travel. “

The reason why Mona Zaki tore her wedding pictures

Mona Zaki said that she tore all the pictures of her wedding on Ahmed Helmy, during a previous meeting with her on the program “With You”: “I cut all the pictures of my joy because I didn’t like me about it,” stressing that her husband did not object, and she expressed her desire to hold a new wedding in the presence of Only her children and people close to them.

Funny situations in their wedding

In the same meeting, Mona Zaki revealed that she was distracted during her wedding due to the large number of attendees, especially that among them what she did not know: “I used to have long joy in getting to know the existing people, and in people who used to imagine with us, and I ask my dream about it, saying that he does not know him and I do not know him too. Your Honor, who says I will take a photo, but, I say it, please. This was a birthday, not a joy. “

A strange position of Adel Imam

Journalist Mamdouh Moussa published a rare video from the wedding of Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmy, and in one of the rare shots, Ahmed Helmy is shown singing to her the song “Bahebak”, which became very famous after their wedding, and after he finished singing they went up together to dance and suddenly the great artist stormed Adel Imam of the theater and removed my dream from Mona Zaki and danced with her, amidst surprised and comedic looks from her husband Ahmed Helmy, so that Adel Imam stopped dancing with her and embraced my dream and congratulated them on the marriage.

Support positions between them

The famous duo, Helmy and Mona, are always keen to support each other during many situations, but “Helmy” attitude comes during honoring his wife at the ACA Arab Film Awards Festival, which is the most famous between them, and after winning the Best Actress award, he hugged her for a long time after she got off The stage, which was very popular on social networking sites, and won the admiration of many.


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