she took the children away

Terrible news from Buckingham Palace: just them “They are divorcing”. Lei she took the children away and left everything and everyone. An endless nightmare begins for the Royal Family inglese.

Kate e Meghan –

New drama for the Elizabethan clan, she made her decision: left the marital home e took the children away. Unimaginable announcement: “We are divorcing”comes the sad news that upsets the subjects.

Sad announcement from Buckingham Palace

The components of the Royal Family inglese I’m always in the eye of the storm. Often in the most authoritative gossip magazines, relating to crowned headswe find the main components of the Elizabethan clan and well-known faces of Buckingham Palace such as Carlo and Camilla, Kate and William, Harry and Meghan.

  Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace –

The entourage of the Queen Elizabeth he always makes a lot of discussion with family and private dynamics and events that sometimes leave everyone speechless. These days should be beautiful for the approaching British monarch to celebrate 70 years of reign: in fact, the Platinum Jubilee.

But one terrible news shocks everyone, a shocking announcement arrives: “We are divorcing”. Just her she took the children, packed her bags and left home. Nobody expected news of the kind it has become viral and went around the world. Let’s find out what is happening and above all who are the protagonists of the Royal Family who are going through this terrible drama.

“We are divorcing”: the announcement arrives that shocks the world

Two beloved faces of Royal Family inglese protagonists of a terrible affair. We are talking about Kate Middleton e del principe William.

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William e Kate
William e Kate –

In the past few hours MSN posted a dramatic tweet announcing the end of the marriage of the Dukes of Cambridge:

“Prince William and Kate Middleton are separating, the Duchess is moving in with the children.”

In just a few minutes, the tweet went viral. Although it was immediately deleted after a rectification, it however, it had a worldwide significance and therefore of no small importance, making everyone worry, not only the English subjects but the fans of the royal couple present in every corner of the planet.

Fortunately, however, it would be only one hoax. This news was incorrectly transmitted from a well-known French information box, Oh my Magwhich also deals with providing gossip and gossip news, reserving a special section just for royalty.

MSN mistranslated the article of the French media spreading the news that Kate Middletontired of William he packed his bags, took his children and left the royal palace to move in with his mother.

Fans of the royal couple can therefore rest assured: no divorce on the horizon between Kate e William who just a few days ago appeared accomplices and smiling at the premiere of the film Tom Cruise, Top gun: Maverick.

Things between the Dukes of Cambridge are booming and indeed, many expect it soon Kate e William announce the arrival of a new baby, the fourth. The English subjects hope so much, i Dukes of Cambridge are among the most beloved royalty of all time.

Dukes of Cambridge
The Dukes of Cambridge –

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