She studies art in the USA and plays golf, talent Kousková said what has priority for her

For the first time, the general golfing public was able to record the name Sára Kousková when she premiered among the European elite at the Ladies European Tour in Dýšina, when Sára was sixteen years old. After several seasons, the greatest Czech golf hope is one of the best amateur players in the world, which she convinces even behind the “big puddle”, as a successful student at the University of Austin, Texas. But if you were to expect to choose what is expected of an athlete, such as sports management or related subjects, as a field of study, you would be mistaken.

The main themes of Ušák with Sára Kousková

02:23 – About studying art in the USA

04:00 – How her creative mind helps her golf

05:05 – About the Austin school and golfing

09:53 – What’s his nature in tournaments

11:43 – About amateur and professional golf

15:01 – About the difficulty of playgrounds in the USA and Europe

16:20 – Does she prefer golf or school?

20:31 – Why Czech golfers are more successful than golfers

22:44 – A dream about the Paris Olympics and a memory of the beginnings

26:18 – How to deal with a bad shot in a tournament

See the whole part in the video at the beginning of the article.

The system of sports competitions in the United States is completely different from those we are used to from Europe. And it is the universities and colleges that play an extremely important role in this. It takes a great deal of talent and willingness to work hard in a busy competition, comparable to the world’s best.

When Sarah started playing golf at the age of five, she certainly didn’t think she could make a living this way. This is still not the case, because even though she has already won one tournament of the second European professional series and at the same time a few weeks ago she received a participation card on the Ladies European Tour in Spain – as the second Czech in history, she has not been able to receive any financial rewards as an amateur. Even if he doesn’t professionalize, he may lose the hard-fought card again. At first glance, a clear solution. However, Sara wants to graduate, she has another six months ahead of her and most of all she would like to play a tournament for the world’s best 60 amateurs, whose last round will be played in the ancient Augusta, the Masters venue. Sarah’s big dream is to play on this course.

He is not the only one. The young Czech player also dreams of participating in the next Olympic Games in Paris. He talks about them as the peak of his career.

However, in Ušák’s latest work, you can also find out if Sára can get upset on the field after a failed blow, as is the case with a lot of competition within the university team, whether the professors are inclined to close their eyes from time to time or are strict. At the same time, she told what it was like after arriving in the USA, whether she had already “caught” the Texas accent and how she is with the player’s confidence. Ušák 196 is ready.

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See the introductory video for more. You can see other parts of Ušák here.

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