She stopped sharing photos, then admitted: Monika Bagárová once confirmed the assumptions

Monika Bagárová and her friend Makhmud Muradov have been the subject of various speculations, in which there has been talk about whether the star couple happened to break up. This was due to the fact that neither of the couple had published a joint photo for several months. And it’s actually no wonder. This is exactly how the singer’s breakup with her former partner Dávid Hodek broke out years ago.

Their fans were used to the fact that from time to time Monika Bagárová and her partner Makhmud Muradov published joint photos on their social networks, in which they and their daughter Ruminka acted as a happy family. But then something changed and neither of the couple shared a common photo on the Internet for many months. Over time, various assumptions emerged, from which the question arose as to whether great love is not the end. The fact that the singer has behaved very similarly in the past also contributed to this.

Fans have asked before

When the singer formed a couple with Dávid Hodek years ago, they looked extremely happy. Monika often showed her partner on social networks and there was no indication that their relationship was threatened by various problems. But then, after joint photos, the ground fell. After a wave of questions, the singer finally fell divine. “It simply came to our notice then. But you probably understand that I don’t want to talk about privacy and not about the reasons for our breakup at all, “Bagárová said for

“I was waiting for it to break. The fans have already bombarded me with questions about why I no longer do Instastories with David and if it didn’t end between us, “she added. And the joint photos came to an end this time as well. However, Monika and Makhmud harshly refute the speculation about the breakup.

We’re still family

“Friends, there was a media report that Mach and I had broken up. Please, we didn’t break up. Even though you don’t see our time together on our Instagrams, life together, as was my custom before, for some reason I just decided to limit it a bit, so we’re still family, ”Bagárová explained the absence of photos on the social network.

And her partner approached the whole matter in a similar way. “That I’m not adding photos together? I’m an athlete, so I don’t know why I should put my privacy on my Instagram. Monika and I are satisfied and we are not interested in the lives of others. I don’t want to share privacy, “commented Makhmud Muradov in an interview with eXtra.

Monika Bagárová last published a joint photo on May 27


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