she says she is “revolted and “disgusted”… but what happened?

When she has something to say, she does not hesitate to do so. For many years, Christine Bravo has been sharing her rants with listeners and viewers and has never shown any jargon. She proved it once again on Instagram when she had just returned from Corsica, after her marriage to Stéphane Bachot.

Speaking of her union, Laurent Ruquier’s friend was just giving an interview to our colleagues from Gala on this subject. She mentioned the outfit she had chosen for this special day and this one is surprising. Indeed, Christine Bravo would not have needed to ruin herself to afford the dress and accessories of her dreams. “It’s very simple, it’s recycling”she admits at first before indicating that it was a friend of hers who had advised her: “For two months, I struggled to find a dress with a fluid material. And a friend Isabelle, who knows how to sew, said to me: ‘But the skirt you wore last summer suited you very well’. was a beach skirt that I bought for 20 euros”.

A situation that does not pass

The facilitator adds that they then went to the “BHV buy lace. She customized it by sewing two strips of lace on it. We did the same on the top”. Regarding her shoes, the one who officiates at the Big heads and who presented a surprising list of gifts, confides that her daughter has “spotted pink mules at 29.95 euros at Zara”.

A simple outfit that nevertheless allowed him to live one of the most beautiful days of his life… until Saturday July 2. Indeed, while she was returning to her barge in Paris, Christine Bravo witnessed a disgusting spectacle in front of her boat. “Some of you ask me if I left my Paris barge in favor of my Corsican village. The answer is no, but here is what I discovered on my quay, 200 meters from Notre-Dame, at my return”she regretted by revealing pictures in which we could observe waste everywhere on the sidewalk of the Parisian quays… “So I obviously ask myself the question. Live in chaos and filth or in a Corsica that respects its environment? And we are going to show this shame to the whole world at the Olympic Games? I am revolted. Disgusted”she finally concluded very uplifted.

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