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Sergeant: Zineb Bensouda (26) plays Ola Halvorsen’s flirtation in the series «First time service». Photo: NRK

Zineb Bensouda (26) says it is a bit overwhelming to play Ola Halvorsen’s flirtation in the popular humor series «The First Time Service».

Yesterday, the last five episodes of the series were released. When the first five episodes came, reported NRK about crazy viewership figures on the popular comedy series.

In the series, the well-known comedian Herman Flesvig plays several characters he himself has created, and in the latest episodes, the popular character Ola Halvorsen has begun to take an interest in the female sergeant in the series.

And what seems to be evolving as a romance between the two has become a little talking point on social media.

ROMANCE: In the series “First-time service”, it seems that a romance develops between the character Ola Halvorsen and the female sergeant. Photo: NRK

Works as a DJ

The sergeant, who goes by the nickname “angel” in the series, is played by 26-year-old Zineb Bensouda from Tøyen in Oslo.

To VG, she says that it was great to have the role in the series.

– I got to interpret her exactly as I wanted, so it felt very real to be in the role, she says and describes the character as “strong”, “kind” and “mysterious”.

The 26-year-old studies daily peace and conflict studies, at the same time as she is actually a musician. Earlier this year, she had her debut performance as an artist at by: Larm, and she is currently working on an EP release.

– In a way, it is the closest I come to acting, she says.

IN THE WAY: Zineb Bensouda (26) says she had a lot of fun recording “The First Time Service”. Photo: Private

Will contribute to diversity

Bensouda says “The First Time Service” is the first TV recording she has been in, and that it is therefore very strange, but at the same time fun, to see herself on TV now.

– It is a bit overwhelming, but absolutely fun and educational to be part of such a popular series, she says.

When asked if she has ambitions to become an actress, she answers “hmm maybe?”.

In any case, Bensouda hopes to contribute to Norwegian films and series containing more women with a minority background.

– We need more diversity on TV, she says.

– Impossible to hold the mask

She describes the recording of the series as an unforgettable experience.

– It was fun both in front and behind the camera, and it did not feel like we were at work, she says.

She believes that the series has become so popular because many can relate to the different characters, and that it is always fun when stereotypes are put at the forefront.

– The one scene where Ola Halvorsen “jumps” the doll was the most fun scene to be on. We laughed so much that it was almost impossible to keep the mask on, she says.

Published: 10.10.20 kl. 13:02

Updated: 10.10.20 at 16:40

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