She discovers she is pregnant while in a coma due to the coronavirus, mom gives birth to twins

I medici they find out that it is pregnant while she is hospitalized in intensive therapy due to covid. Danielle Martin, 33, from Belfast, was hospitalized in critical condition due to the coronavirus when doctors discovered she was expecting twins.

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The woman, mother of 3 children, was in a coma and the doctors immediately prepared the family for the worst, specifying that the girls might not survive. It all started when Danielle began to show the first symptoms of the covid, but after a few days it got worse and her husband took her to the hospital where the doctors ascertained that it was coronavirus and they chose to proceed with the hospitalization.

His condition deteriorated quickly and the doctors chose to put her in a coma, just in doing the various tests they discovered that she was 10 weeks pregnant. After a few days the woman came out of the coma and was informed of the pregnancy. Danielle remained in the hospital for a long time, again for complications related to covid, and eventually gave birth to her children. The little ones, as reported by the local press, were born perfectly healthy and now they are fine, even the mother has recovered and the whole family has been able to reunite.

Last update: Friday 9 October 2020, 20:54



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