She could not bear her husband hitting her, so she killed him … Who is the Egyptian artist Abeer Baybars? – Toss News


The rising Egyptian actor Abeer Baybars disappeared from view for three years, returning during the past hours while she was in the dock, after she killed her husband during a fight between them.

Investigations indicated that Baybars, who confessed to the crime after her arrest, quarreled with her husband, who “slapped her on the face and insulted her with bad words,” to pick up a piece of glass and plant it in his chest.

The husband, a notorious businessman, died instantly. The security forces arrested the artist.

Baybars said in front of the prosecution that “her husband was constantly assaulting her without reason”, confirming that she had lost her temper on the day of the accident and then stabbed him with a stab wound.

The Public Prosecution issued a decision to imprison her for 15 days pending investigations, on charges of premeditated murder.

Abeer Baybars, a rising artist in her third decade, entered the world of acting with “chance”, and participated in a number of works of art. She began starring in a short feature film called “As You Condemn condemn”.

In 2014, she began her journey with drama through her participation in the comedy series “Elsa and Falaa” starring the artists Sherif Sobhi, Mounir Makram and Amal Ramzy, in which the artist Ahmed Badir and the artist Ahmed Farhat appeared as guests of honor, and directed by Ihab Abdel Latif.

In the same year, she participated in another comedy series entitled “Shellat Nassabeen,” starring Abdullah Musharraf, Wael Alaa, Ahmed Siam and Mayar Al-Beblawy.

And in 2016 she participated in the first Cinematic work Through the movie “Dead Project”, with the participation of the artist Ahmed El Gohary, but it is shown in cinemas.

During her hosting on a satellite program, Abeer Baybars reported that Cinderella Soad Hosni Her ideal, as a comprehensive actress and she performed all of her roles very professionally, and she aspires to achieve similar success.

Since 2017, the rising artist has disappeared from the artistic scene, so she can talk back about her while she is accused of killing her husband.

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