Shaving heads for a cause: Leucan raises funds and spirits

Photo Alycia Gauthier. Nearly twenty participants had their hair shaved to benefit Leucan on May 28.

During the Leucan Laurentides-Lanaudière Shaved Head Challenge on May 28, nearly twenty intrepid people said goodbye to their hair for the benefit of the regional organization that supports children with cancer and their families. Parc du Domaine Vert, in Mirabel, received the Challenge for the second time.

“Each participant collected donations related to the event,” says Véronique Lamothe, project manager for Leucan Laurentides-Lanaudière.

The piggy banks had therefore been filling up for several weeks in view of this moment charged with emotion and human warmth. Several participants surpassed the threshold of one thousand dollars raised during their campaign. These funds are in addition to the sum of $139,691 raised by Leucan since January thanks to the various Shaved Head Challenges.

The “face of Leucan”

On site, Guillaume Beaulieu and his son, Jacob Beaulieu, had their hair shaved. Having himself been diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three and undergoing chemotherapy treatment for more than two years, Jacob Beaulieu is now fully recovered.

« [Leucan] helped us to support Jacob in the difficulties”, affirms Josée Sansoucy, the mother of Jacob Beaulieu.

“We are very involved because we have experienced it, testifies Guillaume Beaulieu. We were in the front row. We find it wonderful to see that people who are not necessarily in that reality give for other people they don’t know or will never know. »

It is now up to the Beaulieu family to “give a face to the Challenge” and to bring a dose of optimism to those who need it, their son having gone through heavy ordeals by benefiting from the donations offered to Leucan.

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More than one way to participate

Apart from official sites such as the one that was the Parc du Domaine Vert, it is possible to register personally for a “private shave” via the web platform of the Shaved Head Challenge.

“Companies can also organize Challenges with their employees,” adds Véronique Lamothe.

This is the case of ALBI le Géant, whose vice-president of communications, marketing and media, Cathy Laroche, was awarded the title of honorary president for Shaved Head Challenge at Parc du Domaine Vert. The last corporate event organized by the company, on May 12, enabled it to raise approximately $30,000.

“Our fundraising will be spread out over the whole year,” explains Cathy Laroche. We’re going to have, for example, a golf tournament at the end of June where we’re still going to raise funds, then we’ll have some surprises in store for Leucan. »

She mentions the essential contribution of Stéphanie Lefebvre, marketing and social media specialist for ALBI le Géant, in the affiliation of the company and Leucan.

“It’s great teamwork. The management of ALBI le Géant is involved and dedicated to the cause, says Cathy Laroche. For us, it is an immense privilege and happiness to participate, to contribute and to make a gesture giant for Leucan. »

Photo Alycia Gauthier. Cathy Laroche (left), vice-president of communications, marketing and media for ALBI le Géant and honorary president for Leucan, with Stéphanie Lefebvre (right), marketing and social media specialist for ALBI le Géant.

Present for all

For more than 40 years, Leucan’s various offices, spread across the administrative regions of the province, have been informing, guiding and comforting sick children, their siblings and their families.

“As soon as there is a diagnosis, Leucan is there the following week,” underlines Véronique Lamothe.

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Thus, beyond funding clinical research, the organization offers a variety of services. “We talk about massage therapy, psychological support, recreational activities,” lists the project manager.

Having become the symbol of a glimmer of hope, the “red bag” offered by the organization to each household contains, in particular, documentation, but also a stuffed animal, a cuddly toy and clothes suitable for chemotherapy.

“Leucan is becoming a bit like the family of the family that has cancer,” summarizes Véronique Lamothe.

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