Sharp reactions to Hadamczik. Disappointment in the first interview, complains Hero

And the reactions from the hockey community did not take long. “It is sad that this lapsis of the new president of ČSLH will have to be corrected again by Kari Jalonen, who will not nominate the KHL player. It seems that we will have to learn more from the Finns than just a compact game system, “writes Robert Záruba, a commentator on Czech Television, on Twitter.

“Robík, it seems to me how Lojza can do it … in the first interview … Instead of hope, the first disappointment for me,” responds Jiří Hrdina, a former hockey player and currently a scout for Dallas in the NHL.

“It’s starting. It is colored right at the beginning, “comments the statement of the 70-year-old official Jakub Koreis. human waste are the players who are now signing in Russia and will not even touch them in the future, “Koreis does not take napkins.

In the interview, Hadamczik defended Rudolf Červený, who, according to current information, should play for Vladivostok next year. “But he is not going to fight democracy. He doesn’t take a rifle and can’t go shooting at Ukrainians, “says Hadamczik.

Judging by the reactions on social networks, he also attracted another opinion from the mentioned interview. “I am in pain and sorry to see bombed-out cities, people killed and children suffering. But then, when Ukrainians drive in the cars of the most luxurious brands? It is interesting that they are here, and not at home in the war, “he says in an interview for

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