Sharp increase in malaria cases Pelele Tepoe – Suriname Herald

The number of malaria cases in the village of Pelele Tepoe shows a significant increase from September 2020 compared to the other months this year. In connection with this, the Medical Mission (MZ) has organized an emergency krutu in collaboration with the malaria program of the Ministry of Health.

The krutu was held on October 2 with support from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in the village of Pelele Tepoe, with the village captain, basjas and rangers from ACT. The purpose of the krutu was to discuss the malaria situation in the village and to find out together how to make this situation manageable.

MZ director, Herman Jintie, has asked the captain to find out how he can contribute together with the inhabitants of the village. “Not only MZ or the malaria program must ensure that Tepoe becomes malaria-free, but the community and stakeholders must also contribute.

MZ’s policy is to prevent malaria cases in the interior of Suriname. The community contributes by adhering to the preventive measures and by immediately registering for screening and treatment in case of complaints, ”the director indicates.

The Medical Mission has placed an MZ microscopist at the outpatient clinic for a period of three months, who will carry out the screening and testing on site. The treatment is carried out protocol by a Healthcare Assistant (GzA) in close consultation with the doctor.

Helene Hiwat, coordinator of the malaria program of the Ministry of Health, indicates that Suriname was almost malaria-free. “The first malaria outbreak for this year was on Palumeu which ended through good cooperation with the community.

At the moment we only have malaria cases at Pelele Tepoe and Apetina, where we also expect the same cooperation to make Pelele Tepoe malaria-free. Hiwat also asks the captain and the community to cooperate by doing self-protection and participating in the treatment thereof.

The village captain indicated that he was grateful that there is national attention for the malaria situation on Tepoe and has promised to convey the message. Together with his structures, he will ensure that everyone entering the village is required to undergo malaria screening. Together with the Ministry of Health, MZ is monitoring the malaria situation in Tepoe and the nearby indigenous villages.

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