“Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Continues Trade Mission in India to Enhance Local Industries and Export Channels”

Mumbai, May 30, 2020, WAM / The trade mission of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, represented by the Sharjah Export Development Center, continues its work in the Republic of India to achieve its goals in enhancing the presence of local industries, opening new export channels for Emirati companies in the Indian markets, and facilitating the communication of its members with the most prominent actors. In India in various sectors, as well as exploring and presenting the promising investment opportunities that characterize Sharjah in all fields.

The mission’s first stop in the Indian city of Mumbai, after the conclusion of the UAE-Indian Business Forum, which was organized yesterday, witnessed a working meeting between the members of the mission headed by His Excellency Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with Paresh K Mehta, Regional President of the Indian Federal Export Authority and representatives The authority, where the meeting reviewed the mechanisms of joint action to enhance exports between the two friendly countries, and to create a space for the Emirati and Indian business communities to enhance communication between companies and manufacturers in various industrial and commercial sectors, in addition to exploring investment opportunities available to conclude profitable commercial deals and stimulate the private sector to diversify commodities and expand in joint sectors such as textiles. jewelry, and the exchange of information and statistics, in order to enhance the levels of trade exchange between Sharjah and India and raise them to higher levels.

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His Excellency Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, accompanied by His Excellency Waleed Abdul Rahman Bukhatir, Second Vice-President of the Chamber and members of the accompanying delegation, met with the Indian Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises represented by His Excellency Chandrakant Salunkhi, Founder and President of the Indian Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises and India Center for International Trade, and His Excellency S. Maheshkumar, Director and Secretary General of the Chamber. Exchanging information in support of owners of small and medium enterprises to launch their business towards globalization and the possibility of merging experiences and knowledge between entrepreneurs in the two countries and working on organizing joint exhibitions and forums in cooperation with the concerned authorities in the two countries.

During the meeting, Abdullah Al Owais highlighted the care and interest enjoyed by the small and medium enterprises sector in the UAE, which occupies an important position at the forefront of global economies by developing the entrepreneurship system and providing an enabling environment for companies, incubating them and attracting entrepreneurial projects, especially those based on new ideas, innovation and emerging technologies.

He also reviewed the pioneering experience of the Sharjah Chamber in supporting this important and vital sector through many programs, on top of which is the Small and Medium Enterprises Center “Trade 101”, one of the most important initiatives launched by the Chamber in the context of its keenness to support young people and motivate them to engage in commercial and economic business, as the center receives special attention. Based on the role of the Chamber and its keenness to encourage initiators and entrepreneurs to establish and develop their businesses by providing all the privileges that it grants to them and is a basic incentive to achieve the growth and development of their businesses, calling at the end of the meeting representatives of small and medium enterprises to participate in the events and exhibitions organized and hosted by the Sharjah Expo Center

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It is noteworthy that the mission of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry will move tomorrow to New Delhi to hold a business forum that brings together its members with officials and leaders from the chambers of commerce and industry, in addition to organizing events and meetings between the Emirati and Indian business communities with the aim of exploring investment opportunities and joint economic partnerships.

The Indian Small and Medium Enterprises Chamber works to develop small and medium-sized companies from manufacturing, service sectors, industrial and commercial sectors, and provides distinguished support for small and medium-sized companies, businessmen, and startups to improve the growth of their business. Multinationals, banks, investors and entrepreneurs

Mustafa Badr Al-Din / Batoul Kashwani

2023-05-30 14:04:00
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