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</p> <p>Shangluo, Shaanxi: Stand up for the college entrance examination “power protection post” to escort students to pursue their dreams – Xinhua English.<a data-ail="3929754" target="_blank" href="" >news</a>.cn<br />"/>"/>"/>"/>

“The emergency generator car has been deployed in place and has entered the hot standby state. At present, the fuel is stable and in good condition, and it can be put into operation at any time.” Early in the morning on June 6, at the middle school test center in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, the Communist Party member of the State Grid Shangluo Power Supply Company served The team connected to the 300 kVA generator car in advance, and the person in charge of the on-site work is reporting the situation on the spot to the leading group of the college entrance examination power maintenance work to ensure “zero flicker” during the exam.

In order to ensure that the power supply for this year’s college entrance examination is foolproof, the State Grid Shangluo Power Supply Company has formulated the “2023 High School and High School Entrance Exam Power Supply Guarantee Plan”. Deal with abnormalities and defects found in a timely manner. The company’s marketing department and various district and county companies inspected the safe use of electricity in the power distribution rooms of each test site, organized personnel to conduct all-round inspections of the lines involved in the test site, and practiced the corporate purpose of “people’s electrical industry for the people” with practical actions.

It is reported that the State Grid Shangluo Power Supply Company has participated in more than 150 staff members in this college entrance examination power guarantee, invested in 12 generator cars and generators (sets), and checked 22 hidden dangers before the exam. During the college entrance examination, the company also specially dispatched vehicles to maintain power, added party member service teams, set up caring service points, and arranged full-time personnel to stay on duty 24 hours a day on important power protection lines, providing all-weather power protection services for the examination room, and went all out to fight Win this college entrance examination “power protection battle”. (Zhao Dongyang, Liu Jingwen)



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