Shall we dance in 2022: – This has never happened before

Saturday 27 August finally starts the autumn “Shall we dance” seasonand this time the TV viewers have something very special in store.

It is not a regular season that is up for grabs, but an “all stars” round. This means that many old favorites return to the parquet.

That it is an “all stars” season is far from the only new, exciting and sensational thing – this year’s “Shall we dance” autumn offers a number of details, new twists and things we have never seen in the program before.

Se og Hør has compiled a list of ten things excited TV viewers can look forward to.

13 participants

Usually there are 12 celebrities who try their luck, this year TV 2 has actually gathered 13 famous faces to fight for the trophy.

RE-UNION: When Cengiz Al took second place in “Shall we dance” in autumn 2017, Egor Filipenko was the judge. This year they are competitors on the floor. Video: Klaus Fjellro/Rød Løper
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The first shipment is failing

Usually, the TV viewers are allowed to get to know the dance couples a little before someone is sent home, but that will not be the case this year.

As there are 13 couples and only 12 broadcasts, one couple will leave the dance floor already in the first episode.

Dance brothers

Loyal “Shall we dance” fans have seen both professional dances Tom-Erik Nilsen and Jørgen Nilsen swing on the floor – for several seasons – but the brothers have never been in the same season. Until this year.

– There will be a show. We can work together, so then we can be twice as good, says Jørgen Nilsen to Se og Hør.

ROMANCE: Will anyone find the tone of “Shall we dance 2022”? We asked the participants. Video: Jenny Emilie Aas/Reality Awards.
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Winning pair

Naturally, there has never before been a dance couple where both parties have experienced winning the competition, but this year they are dancing Alexander Hetland (39) with professional dancers Helene Spilling (26) – and both of these have held the «Shall we dance» trophy.

New presenter

When TV 2 had its launch at Clarion Hotel Oslo in Bjørvika managed Anders Hoff (46) and Katrine Moholt (48)who in recent years have led the program together, fooling most of those present – for a few seconds.

At first it seemed as if they were both going to lead the program for another year, but then it turned out that Moholt is one of the dancers.

In comes Helene Olafsen (32) to fill Moholt’s shoes. It will be Olafsen’s first time as “Shall we dance” presenter.

EXIT: During Tuesday’s presentation of the autumn’s “Shall we dance” participants, Helene Olafsen was introduced as presenter and Katrine Moholt as a participant. And if we are to believe Katrine, she has aged her last “Shall we dance” broadcast. Video: Klaus Fjellro/Rød Løper
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Same-sex couples

Joakim Kleven (29) became historic in his time when he had a male professional dancer. This year must Victor Sotberg (31) dance with Philip Raabe (22). It is not the first time two men have danced together in the competition, but when Sotberg participated last time he danced along Rick Lund.

In other words, it is the first time that someone has tested both a female professional dancer and a male professional dancer.

– I really wanted to dance with a man this season, Sotberg says to Se og Hør and adds:

– I think it’s really fun to experience this adventure here, first with a woman, and now with a man.

CELEBRITY MANAGER: David Eriksen is jubilant that Iselin Guttormsen, who is in his stable, will take part in the autumn’s “Shall we dance”. But she wasn’t the only one who was asked. Video: Klaus Fjellro/Rød Løper
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Competing against son-in-law

The professional dancer Santino Mirenna has found love with Katrine Moholt’s daughter, Evelina Moholt. Mirenna is dancing this year too Jørgine Massa Vasstrand (33) and thus competes against her mother-in-law.

– It will be good! The worst thing is that I don’t feel he is a competitor in that way, Moholt says to Se og Hør.

– How will it be if you end up in a dance duel with Santino, then?

– I will do my very best, of course, and he will do his best with Jørgine, Moholt replies and adds that she and her son-in-law are used to competing – there will be a lot of games on the home front as well.

The presenter’s family

There are generally many family ties out and about in this year’s programme. Helene Olafsen, who leads the show together with Anders Hoff, has both her boyfriend and brother-in-law in the studio.

FUNKYFAM: Who is best at a party, best liked and strongest? Let Funkyfam answer. Video: Jenny Emilie Aas/Reality Awards.
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Olafsen is engaged to Jørgen Nilsen, and Tom-Erik Nilsen is therefore her brother-in-law.

Many relationships

Not only that there are many family connections in this year’s season. As it is an “all stars” version, there are many relationships and friendships within the gang.

CONNECTIONS: During TV 2's launch, the presenters had made a small overview of all the connections.  Photo: Rød Loper / Se og Hør

CONNECTIONS: During TV 2’s launch, the presenters had made a small overview of all the connections. Photo: Rød Loper / Se og Hør
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Many of the celebrities get to meet former dance partners and/or participants they have competed with before.

Jørgine Massa Vasstrand has, for example, competed against Aleksander Hetland before, Nathan Kahungu (26) has danced with Helene Spilling before and Kari Traa (48) once took second place together with Egor Filipenko (34) – to name a few.

SUPERDUELL: Jørgine “Funkygine” Vasstrand and Alexander Hetland were responsible for one of the “Shall we dance” duels of all time in 2019. Then Alexander emerged victorious from the duel. In the autumn, Jørgine can get her revenge. Video: Klaus Fjellro/Rød Løper
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Record number of audience seats

“Shall we dance” is a popular TV programme, but in the past it has been quite difficult to grab a seat in the hall during the broadcasts.

This year, TV 2 is hitting the big drum: There will be almost 1,000 viewers in the hall.

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