Shakedown Hawaii announced for Wii and Wii U for July – News

When they talk about retro games, independent developers think more of the NES or the Megadrive, at the time when the cartridge still reigned supreme. But not the Vblank Entertainment studio which offers us to rediscover Shakedown: Hawaii by bringing out “our CRT 4: 3 television” and our … Wii!

Astonishing news today, the developers of this sandbox game reminiscent of the first Grand Theft Auto announce the arrival of Wii (PAL and NTSC) and Wii U versions of their baby. Shakedown Hawaii will indeed be available in physical editions limited to 3,000 copies on each of these platforms. from July 9. If you are a collector at heart, know that more information will be unveiled soon. on the official studio website and that it will cost you $ 29.99.

video“>Shakedown Hawaii makes room for armored vehicles

By daFrans, Journalist


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