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“Kena: Bridge of Spirits” (Kena: Bridge of Spirits) developed by the independent game studio Ember Lab today released the latest actual gameplay screens. It also announced that the game will be launched on August 24, 2021, on PS4/PS5 platforms. And EPIC Store.

“Qina: Bridge of Souls” is a single-player adventure action game with Pixar style. The protagonist “Qina” operating in the game goes to an abandoned village to find the sacred mountain shrine, and she is also in the process of adventure Find the black elves scattered in the forest, collect them to help you decrypt and fight, and fight against the trapped and corrupted dead souls.

The protagonist “Qina” operated by the player in the game will find black elves scattered in the forest during the adventure, and collect them to help them decrypt and fight. Picture: Retrieved from Kena: Bridge of Spirits twitter

Game co-creators Josh and Mike Grier previously accepted an interview with PlayStation Magazine in the UK, revealing that the game’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback on the PS5 controller have a wider range of uses, such as all abilities of Kena and the use of haptic feedback on shields; when used When the adaptive trigger pulls the bow, some resistance will be felt, especially when the bow is fully pulled back, the resistance of the trigger will be greater and the arrows shot will be more powerful and accurate.

“Qina: Bridge of Souls” was originally scheduled to land on PlayStation 5 during the Christmas period at the end of last year. However, due to the impact of the epidemic and remote work from home, the expected development progress was delayed, so it was delayed until this year.

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China: Bridge of Souls” is a single-player adventure action game with Pixar animation style. Picture: Retrieved from Kena: Bridge of Spirits twitter


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