(Shadow) I don’t understand what Putin is thinking, Macron is so angry that he knocks on the table: no one understands Russia’s decision anymore

[新頭殼newtalk] Russia’s aggression against Ukraine did not go smoothly: recently, the Russian army was defeated by the Ukrainian army on the front line, so much so that the Kremlin, determined to win despite the victims of the two countries, has had to try to replenish his troops. French President Emmanuel Macron, at the UN General Assembly, denounced the member states that have kept silent on Russian aggression as “accomplices” and submitted to the Russian “new imperialism”. They continue to knock on the table. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization on the 21st. Macron stressed that this is a “new mistake” and bluntly said: “Everyone is asking for peace and no one understands the decision taken by Russia anymore”.

According to the US political news site “POLITICO”, in his speech to the UN General Assembly on the 20th, Macron accused countries that refused to take sides in the Russian invasion of Ukraine as “accomplices” of the “new imperialism” “Russian. “I want to clarify today: those who want to imitate the struggle of the non-aligned and refuse to take a stand are making mistakes and are taking historical responsibility,” he said indignantly and also blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a sign of “a return to a new imperialism and colonialism “. times “, saying that the world is faced with a choice between” war and peace. “You can see in the film that Macron became more and more excited as he scolded him: not only did he turn up the volume and tone, but he also knocked on the table. every time he spoke.

Macron also said that both India and China have expressed concern over the Ukrainian-Russian war and that Russia has become increasingly isolated and engaged in a war that only Russia wants and is illegal. “Everyone is asking for peace and no one understands the decision taken by Russia anymore”, underlined Macron, previously criticized for his repeated attempts to maintain a channel of communication with Putin, also urging all parties not to “humiliate” Russia. all pro-Ukrainian and naive, Macron reiterated to the UN General Assembly that he would continue his “dialogue” with Russia to restore peace.

Also, according to CNN, in response to the obstruction of the Russian war in Ukraine, Putin announced a partial mobilization on the 21st and another 300,000 troops will be recruited to support the front line. Macron replied that Putin’s decision was “a new mistake”, he further stated: “The rise in the level of warfare is bad news for the Russian people, bad news for the Russian youth and for Russia, because it makes his own country more isolated “, he asked the international community to pressure” Putin to prevent the war from escalating.

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I don’t understand what Putin is thinking, Macron is so angry that he knocks on the table: nobody understands Russia anymore

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