Shaanxi: Technology allows you to “sing” to “sing” the “good voice” of agriculture and show great agricultural wisdom

Shaanxi: Technology allows you to “sing” to “sing” the “good voice” of agriculture and show great agricultural wisdom

2022-09-20 11:35:33Source: Western Net – Shaanxi News Net

The Shaanxi Science and Technology Association “Technology Empowers Modern Agriculture” special exhibition appeared at the Agricultural High Association.

Western Net News The 29th edition of the China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Achievements Expo ended on September 19th. During the exhibition, the Shaanxi Science and Technology Association’s “Technology Empowers Modern Agriculture” special exhibit appeared at the Higher Agricultural Association, allowing visitors to appreciate new agricultural technologies and taste agricultural products of high quality.

Technology makes it possible to “sing” a “good voice” for agriculture

For a long time, the Shaanxi Science and Technology Association has continued to mobilize the vast number of science and technology workers, focusing on improving the scientific quality of farmers, taking responsibility for helping the development of modern agriculture, the thorough implementation of the technology-enabled rural revitalization project and the active creation of scientific and technological support to drive the overall revitalization and development of rural areas New mechanisms and new models for agricultural and rural modernization.

At this year’s high agricultural meeting, outstanding representatives of the province’s science and technology association system brought a variety of new technologies to increase revenue and get rich, covering fields such as the seeding industry, aquaculture, agricultural biotechnology, green food, Chinese medicinal materials, fruit industry, and intelligent agricultural machinery To promote agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income, we will find a way to help rural revival with distinctive agriculture.

The Shaanxi Science and Technology Association “Technology Empowers Modern Agriculture” special exhibition appeared at the Agricultural High Association.

The expert workstation of Shaanxi Wuding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. led the company to complete the country’s first automatic production line of short-chain fatty acids and postbiotic enzymes herbal drinks with an annual output of 1,000 tons. R&D team completed 9 compound products and 52 one-sided products. In 2022, the company was selected in the Shaanxi Province “scientist + engineer” team, which effectively promoted the transformation and enhancement of the local agricultural industry, promoted large-scale development of characteristic agriculture and improved the market value of agricultural products; The “Treasurer” intelligent greenhouse management and control system helps farmers manage their greenhouses intelligently and overall income can be increased by around 20%. It has been rolled out in 13 provinces and cities, with a direct increase of over 50 million yuan

The millet industry in Zhixian County has extended the industrial chain and developed a large number of special agricultural products which are close to life and have the characteristics of the times, such as millet wine, millet coffee, beer of millet, millet paste skin, and millet vinegar With many people, sales of agricultural products reached more than 8.2 million yuan, and farmers’ income increased by more than 7 million yuan.

Science and technology strengthen modern agriculture The provincial association for science and technology and the vast number of scientific and technological operators actively participate in the development of modern agriculture, opening a new format of stable employment in rural areas, legacy of culture and civilization rural customs.

The Shaanxi Science and Technology Association “Technology Empowers Modern Agriculture” special exhibition appeared at the Agricultural High Association.

Take more steps to design a new project for agriculture

In recent years, the Shaanxi Science and Technology Association has vigorously integrated folk science resources, implemented precise policies, and actively helped technology to empower modern agriculture. Science and technology associations at all levels rely on technology to go to the countryside, project traction, industrial redevelopment, park employment, stock dividends, etc., through technology training, technology promotion, expert advice , industrial demonstration, popular science feature education and other means to “sink” the benefits of technology. Agricultural services, innovative implementation of scientific dissemination projects for the benefit of agriculture, cultivation of agricultural scientific and technological talents, incubation of typical agricultural industries and help to farmers to increase their income and become rich.

In terms of accelerating the supply and service of agricultural sciences and technological innovation, it has organized more than 20 expert surveys and seminars, solved more than 120 technical problems of enterprises, supported the industrial transformation and upgrading of 8 industrial parks of province and city and has made efforts to promote the healthy development of local leading industries; in the transfer of scientific and technological achievements In terms of transformation, organize science and technology workers to go to the grassroots level, visit enterprises and visit the masses, collect and select excellent agricultural science and technology projects, and promote the effective connection between project results and needs, and implementation and transformation; Academic exchange activities, during the National Science Outreach Day, the Three Goes to the Countryside, the Spring of Science and Technology and the Science and Technology Education Rural Tour, etc., focus on the peasant group and serve the “Rural Three” in different ways. More than 710 popular science conferences and 1180 technical training sessions were organized throughout the year. In the remaining period, 25,000 sets of At the Base 150,000 popular science maps were distributed.

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