SGB ​​- 3D Secure service. New rules for confirming payments from October 31, 2020

From October 31, the method of online payment by debit card will change for the customers of Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa. Until then, you have to choose one of the transaction confirmation methods. Otherwise, the payments will not be able to be made – we read in the release.

The Cooperative Banking Group consists of 192 Cooperative Banks and SGB-Bank SA According to the information available on the SGB website, the group provides services to over 1.5 million customers.


Changes in card payments

From October 31, SGB customers will confirm online payments with a debit card with the 3D Secure service in two ways. In the SGB Mobile application or by answering the verification question and entering the 3D Secure password (SMS code). The password will be sent to the telephone number provided for contact in your bank.

“Remember that if you do not choose one of the indicated methods of confirming the transaction, after October 31, your online payments with 3D Secure will not be able to be made” – warn SGB representatives.

From September 30, the answer to the verification question can be determined at a branch of your bank. From October 19, you will be able to choose the method of confirming online transactions in the SGB Mobile application without having to visit a bank branch.

Currently, transactions with the use of debit cards are confirmed with a 3D Secure password (SMS code). The 3D Secure service is an additional, free online card payment security. The service works from the moment the debit card is activated – customers do not need to perform any additional steps to activate this service.

Before making the first payment secured with the 3D Secure service, holders of a credit, prepaid or charge card must register the card once and give a permanent password.

Other banks

It is not the only bank that has recently introduced changes to online card payments. From September 30 new solutions were implemented at ING Bank Śląski. “The change applies to all debit, prepaid and credit cards” – we could read in a communication addressed to customers.

Representatives of ING Bank Śląski pointed out that the reason for the changes is the EU PSD2 directive, implemented in Poland by the Act on Payment Services. The regulations require banks to use strong authentication, i.e. additional confirmation when paying with a card online.

The first changes in connection with PSD2 were introduced by ING in September 2019, when the EU directive began to apply in practice. At a similar time it was also implemented by other banks, including Pekao, mBank and Santander.

PAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

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