Sexy Model Who Was Antivaccine Exposed to Corona, Coma for 2 Weeks & Almost Died

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Sexy model Holly McGuire was later discovered that she was one of the anti-vaccine groups. Holly is then exposed to Corona, and bad things happen. The 43-year-old model fell into a coma for two weeks and nearly lost her life.

He admitted that his chance of survival was only 15% after experiencing complications due to COVID-19. Holly’s condition then worsened, and was in a coma for 14 days.

To survive, Holly relies on oxygen cylinders. It took him six weeks to overcome the exhaustion he felt due to Covid.

Holly then regretted her choice of being an anti-vaccine person. Not vaccinating was a big mistake, he said.

“It can save your life. Don’t waste your life. This can happen to anyone, including you,” he said as quoted by the Mirror.

“I used to be an antivaxxer, I used to not want to be vaccinated. Now I can honestly tell everyone that Covid is real. Please, everyone, don’t mind the people who make noise (about anti-vaccine). Let’s get vaccinated!” he insisted again.

Holly added that she is still lucky to be alive because of Covid. “I almost died twice,” he said.

Holly told of her terminally ill condition in the hospital. The Covid that he suffered attacked his lungs until he developed double pneumonia.

A few months before she was exposed to Corona, Holly was so confident in her healthy body that she would not suffer from Covid and refused the vaccine. In fact, Covid does not recognize any body condition.

“A lot of my friends are on anti-vaccine campaigns and I listen to them, and I listen to them too,” he confessed regretfully.

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