Sexual relationship with a minor: wanted since August 2022, the singer Zantakwan arrested

A minor had filed a police complaint in the presence of her mother, in August 2022, claiming to be pregnant with singer Zantakwan, of the group 666 Armada. Since then, the singer was wanted by the authorities.

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19-year-old Zantakwan, whose real name is Jean Bradley Perrine, living in Cité-Anoska, was finally arrested this week for having sex with a minor under 16 years old.

In her complaint, the 15-year-old minor alleged that she and Zantakwan had sex in March 2022, in the west of the country. She had subsequently become pregnant and was six months pregnant when she filed the complaint.

Zantakwan should face a provisional charge of “sexual intercourse with minor under the age of 16”.

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