Sex video distributors Paay get suspended prison and community service | NOW

The two men who distributed Patricia Paay’s pee-sex video are on Thursday through the court of North Holland sentenced to one month’s suspended prison sentence and 50 hours’ suspended community service.

Two weeks ago, the public prosecutor demanded a one-month prison sentence, two weeks of which was suspended, plus a fine of 250 euros against Michel V. The court imposed a one-month suspended prison sentence. V. was not fined.

V. is charged with reposting one of the videos, even after his Twitter account was frozen. Because the criminal act was committed more than three years ago and V. had to wait “an unreasonably long” for his trial, the court has imposed a suspended prison sentence.

Justice demanded a community service of eighty hours and a fine of 200 euros against Ernst van der S. The court sentenced him to a shorter and, moreover, conditional community service, because he immediately admitted guilt. He was not fined either.

Court rules that Paay is offended

V. and Van der S. have insulted Paay and the man in the video, the court ruled. It is also taken into account that the presenter is known. As a result, she has been recognized by many people in the video and the interest in the images is also much greater, according to the explanation of the verdict.

The men denied knowing the television personality was featured in the video when they shared the video on Twitter. According to the OM, there was indeed intent, because they used the hashtag #paayunplugged when sharing the video.

There is also a copyright infringement, because the men did not make the video themselves and did not have permission for distribution. Both V. and Van der S. have been acquitted of libel.

No style previously paid a fine and compensation

The website No style, who also shared the link to the video, previously accepted a transaction proposal and paid a fine. This allowed No style prevent prosecution. The Public Prosecution Service does not disclose the amount of the fine, because the case has been settled outside the courtroom.

The civil court in Amsterdam has already ruled that No style and V. have to pay damages of 30,000 euros, because the TV personality and former singer suffered immaterial damage due to the distribution of the video. The amount was much lower than the 450,000 euros she had demanded.

Paay sued the website because a link to one of the leaked sex videos was shared in February 2017 by Twitter user Eendevanger and then on No style was placed. The court has now ruled that No style and the twitterer has acted unlawfully. The images were distributed without Paay’s permission.


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