Sex as a fundamental value for personal well-being

Sex is an element of great importance for the quality of personal life. It contributes notably to both physical and mental and emotional well-being. It is part of our function as a species to procreate and as an essential activity of purely physical enjoyment. To take care of it and practice it is to be well with oneself and, if you want, make someone else happy

The practice of sexual relations, alone or in company, is directly related to health. It is proven that maintaining a sexually active life helps to know oneself and improves social relationships. But, above all, it is a factor that favors the organism very positively, improving the immune system, preventing heart accidents, fighting depression and stress, reducing pain, reducing the risk of prostate cancer, improving sleep quality and even helping to lose weight, as it is an exercise in which they burn many calories.

The risk of not having a complete sex life. Erection problems

It is known as erectile dysfunction to disability, persistently, to achieve and maintain an erection long enough to carry out a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erection problems affect no less than 1 in 5 men, so it is not a minority problem.

To combat this situation it is important to find out the degree of alteration that the erection has. According to this rating, there will be one treatment or another that can improve the situation or eliminate the problem. In any case, there are Pills for better erections from natural extracts and with proven efficacy that effectively help reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, thanks to formulas that stimulate the function of this reproductive system.

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If you have problems, but you are not sure of suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is enough to know that it should not be a specific case, but that It should be prolonged in time for a period exceeding three months. Otherwise, it may be due to a certain difficulty in the vital environment in which the individual moves. In that case, surely, the sexual function will be rehabilitated once the problem that keeps the subject in a situation of concern is resolved or disappeared.

If the problem persists after this time, the first step is to request an appointment with the professional. And is that the Erectile dysfunctions can be more than just a sexual health problem, being symptomatic of other diseases, such as those related to a cardiovascular or metabolic problem. Below is a list of the most common diseases that can cause this physical problem.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

In many cases, only a few are needed Pills to regain sexual confidence. If the problem is purely mental, with them it will be checked that there is no physical or psychological defect and everything will flow normally again. However, as previously mentioned, this difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection can be derived from some other cause.

Vascular and structural

La Peyronie’s disease or pathological deviation of penile curvature it is quite common as a possible origin of a erectile dysfunction. But, also, there are other causes related to the vascular system or the structure of this reproductive system, such as when a kidney transplant, with a vascular condition of the iliac arteries, such as the Leriche syndrome, an aortic bypass when it is iliac or femoral, the fracture of the corpora cavernosa …

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It is also common to find this pathology when the person has suffered a ictus, or have other diseases of a neurological nature, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and the so-called Sleep apnea. In relation to those produced by the spinal cord itself, it is worth noting the herniated discs, the spinal infarction or the diseases that cause the dissolution of the myelin.


In this sense, they have a fairly direct impact on liver diseases (liver malfunction), some types of tumors, such as estrogens and pituitary, adrenal insufficiency, Cushing’s disease (pituitary hyperplasia), some hormonal treatments, etc.


This is what most specialists agree to point out as the main cause of erection problems. It is estimated that approximately 20 to 30% of cases locate their origin in psychological causes, such as anxiety, depression, different types of fears and fears, psychosis, low self-esteem


This is another major cause of blockage that prevents having natural and satisfactory erections, the excessive use of some drugs, such as beta blockers, such as atenolol and propanolol, used to control glaucoma and the systems associated with anxiety. But, also, some antidepressants (tricyclics), and others capable of altering prolactin (haloeridol), drugs derived from opiates, cimetidine and most commonly used diuretics, such as spironolactone and thiazides, may be the origin.


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