Sevilla: “Very good Pokémon are hunted on the seafront”

The live shows of the rock band that he leads ‘the Seville‘ They are soaked in the verbena celebration around music, the spirit of the festival and even the chirigota, something that he drank from childhood in the carnivals of Cádiz and is still an intrinsic part of it today: “It is my favorite party,” he says. shortly after pronouncing the proclamation in Cartagena start the new tour Mojinos Scozíosthe group he formed in 1994 and which has established itself as a symbol of popular music, in addition to having almost 20 gold and platinum records.

You have been chosen to announce the Carnival of Cartagena, what does this mean to you?

I am very fond of Cartagena and the carnival is one of my favorite parties. It will not be the first proclamation that I give and I hope it will not be the last, but I am always very excited that they count on me to be the image of some parties.

What are those ties that unite you with Cartagena?

Of course, I have played there many times and performed in their theater. Cartagena has many things, but I’m sure people don’t know that, in addition, Pokémon Go is very well played in that incredible area of ​​the promenade, I made friends with the group of players in the city. It seems like an incredible city.

What do you like most about popular festivals and carnival?

The best carnival in the world is that of each one’s land. It is my favorite party. I have always been very close to the Carnival of Cádiz. Since I was 11 years old, and although my parents wouldn’t let me, I stayed until late at night to see him. Spain has some impressive carnivals, not only those of the islands, which are better known. I have been invited to other Murcian traditions, such as the Burial of the Sardine, and I thought it was incredible.

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«The real ‘rock and roll’ is getting up early to take your children to school»

The Mojinos Escozíos tour begins on February 20, what are your expectations?

I wanted to start even earlier. For us it’s like continuing on the 1996 tour, because we haven’t stopped, except for the pandemic. We really want to hit the road, get together again to do kilometers and enjoy what we have always done and want to continue doing.

They are an incombustible band, how many concerts do they do a year?

We are lucky that our hobby became a profession. We have come to give 105 concerts in a single year, in 2003. We always say that a year we do about 20 fewer than those that Alaska or Camela do, so about 60 or 70.

Your live shows have a carnival spirit, but what are those tours like from within?

To the people who tell us “I’d love to go on the Mojinos bus”: you can’t imagine how boring it is. Kilometers and kilometers, bad sleep and bad food. But for us it is family, we are a team of 14 people who have been together for 25 years, the problems of each one with their children and their mortgage are part of the problems of the others. Personally, we love it. And when you go up to play, you forget your tiredness.

Looking back, how has music evolved in those more than 20 years?

What kids listened to 20 years ago is not what they listen to today, and you can’t change that, you can’t go against it. I play music for my children, but they will end up listening to what they want. In our style we are always the same, there are no new groups, which is lucky to get live shows, but unfortunate because the music has taken other paths that we are not part of.

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And how have you changed?

Our concern has always been to improve. Lock ourselves in the rehearsal room to play, play and play so that the people who listen to us say “How forceful the Mojinos sound!” We seek to bring out a smile and make everyone sing.

«I dedicate myself to humor in all disciplines, that is my tool»

With the lyrics that characterize you, is it difficult to adapt to what the times demand?

It is difficult for those who do not want to accept it, but not for us. The way of looking at humor has changed, and we have always wanted to amuse, not scold. We don’t feel censored, but we are aware of the things that are happening in the world and with 340 songs, we have no problem swapping one for the other.

How biographical is there in your monologue La vida es rocanrol?

All. You take the stories to extremes to make people laugh, but it’s all biographical. I separate the person from the character, I leave Sevilla at the concerts and here I show myself as Miguel: father, son, husband… A normal and ordinary person with a job for which many people know me.

Are you looking to end the myth of the rocker?

It is a kind of reproach to the people who create the myth. I want to break the prejudices that we all have around figures such as celebrities or politicians: Madonna shaves her ankles in her dressing room, but we never think of her “her person way” when we see her.

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He says that “going to bed at 7 in the morning is not rock and roll, but getting up at that time is.”

What I do is a job, but rock and roll is getting up to take the children to school. Catching the first flight after a concert, without sleep, to pick up your daughter from ballet classes, along with the rest of the parents. No one wonders what the moment is like when my daughter comes to introduce me to her boyfriend. That is what people do not see and assume other things about me and my life.

He has done radio, television, has collaborated in magazines, written books, monologues for theaters, music… What is left for him to prove?

The last time they asked me that I hadn’t done theater yet, I didn’t think it was a possibility and I’ve been doing it for 9 years now and with great pleasure. I used to say that I still had to make a porn movie, but I’ve also done it. I don’t go out naked, but I’ve done it. Really, I dedicate myself to humor in all disciplines. That is my tool. I feel very lucky to dedicate myself to what I like the most and that it has opened so many doors for me. I don’t know what will be next. And if the next question is what I like the most of all, I’ll tell you now: the Mojinos Escozíos.

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