Sevilla – Borussia D. Predictions and bets for 2.15 / Today at 22:00

Sevilla will play at home with Borussia D in the 3rd round of the Champions League group stage. The match will take place on 5 October, starting at 22:00 Moscow time. Sevilla – Borussia W: predictionsbet, odds, statistics.


Sevilla in their league is not the best way. The team is currently in 17th place in the La Liga standings.

In the previous match, Sevilla disappointed again. At home, the team lost to Atlético (0: 2).

Probability of match Sevilla-Borussia Dortmund

Here in the Champions “Seville” does not shine with results. After two games played, the Spaniards got only one point.

All the predictions for the Champions League

Sevilla will certainly attack actively. Also, there is great motivation to open an account with your Champions League goals.

Borussia D

Dortmund this season doesn’t seem like the best way. It is true, in the Champions League the team has a chance for 2nd place, which it now occupies.

In the last round of the Champions League group stage Borussia D granted. True, Manchester City’s defeat (2: 1) turned out to be absolutely logical.

But in the Bundesliga, Dortmund does not remove the stars from the sky. Cologne’s last defeat (3: 2) brought the team to 4th place.

In this match, Borussia D will probably try to score points. But it will have to be done without Marco Reus and Mats Hummels being in the infirmary.

Forecast and tariff

You can bet on Borussia D victory in this match for 2.40drawing bookmaker offer to take 3.50and the victory of “Seville” – for 2.75.

“Seville” Oka didn’t score a single goal in the group stage. Dortmund attack well.

The Sevilla have enormous difficulties with the implementation. Our forecast And Rate it – Both will not score in disparity 2.15.

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