Severin Medal for the Kiesenhofer couple

UNTERWEISSENBACH. High diocesan distinction for Petronella and Karl Heinz Kiesenhofer: The couple, who have been involved in the Unterweißbach parish for decades, received the Severin Medal.

Karl Heinz Kiesenhofer has headed the KBW Education Meeting Point since 2007. He has been a lecturer and photographer for the parish for many years. For four periods he was a member of the parish council and also its chairman. Together with his wife he founded the self-help group grief counseling. Petronella Kiesenhofer has also been an employee of the KBW Education Meeting Point for many years, and has been a divine service leader and lecturer for many years. She has worked on the parish council for five periods. For many years she was the head of the dean of the Catholic women’s movement (kfb) in the dean’s office in Unterweißbach and was once the deputy head of the kfb.

Presentation in the hometown

Due to the pandemic, the Severin medals did not take place as usual at a ceremony with Bishop Manfred Scheuer in Linz. Instead, Michaela Wagner, Head of the KBW Education Meeting Point, presented the two medals to the Kiesenhofer couple at a festive service (by far) in Unterweißbach. “For us, the award is a great recognition of voluntary work in general, but it also applies to our team members and, above all, to our many companions, because without these people, any commitment will be in vain. Our leitmotif is a sentence by Martin Buber: ‘All real life is relationship! “”, Petronella and Karl Heinz Kiesenhofer comment on the award of the Severin Medal.

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