Severely neglected Scottish Highlanders found, three animals culled

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the animal police found seriously neglected Scottish Highlanders in the yard of a North Holland cattle farmer. Three animals were in such bad shape that the vet had to put them to sleep on the spot. In addition to the other living cattle, six cadavers were found.

The Highlanders were found during a check. The inspectors encountered a lot of resistance. “The people present on the ground thought that they could refuse them entry,” the police wrote.

A spokesperson for the NVWA wants to: NH News not say where exactly the cows were found. “Because we don’t want the information to be traceable to the farmer.”

The spokesperson does say that the situation in the yard was “very sad”. According to the NVWA, the cows were knee-deep in excrement and mud and there was little to no feed and water available. One of the live cows lay among the carcasses.

Seven cows housed elsewhere

The seven Scottish Highlanders who survived are seriously weakened. They have been taken into custody by the NVWA. “They have been transferred to an address where they are receiving the care they desperately need,” the food watchdog said.

The NVWA and the police have drawn up several official reports against the owners of the animals. According to the NVWA spokesperson, it was not the first time that the livestock of this farmer was checked: “A few things were also found during the last check, but they had been put in order. Now the situation was dramatic.”


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