Severe floods began in Turkey. Water destroyed roads, flooded houses and cars. Video

The conquests affected Sinop, Bartyn, Karabyuk and Kastamonu provinces.

On Tuesday, August 10 and Wednesday, August 11, heavy rainfall fell in the central parts of the region. One woman went missing in Bartin province. It was in this province that a large number of houses, businesses and vehicles were flooded.

Bartin Province Governor Sinan Guner said local residents were rescued in houses by riverbeds and in cars.

The Turkish Disaster Management Authority (AFAD) announced that 13 people were injured as a result of the collapse of a bridge on the road connecting Bartin and Karabuk provinces.

Sinop Province was also hit hard by flooding. The water carried away the parked vehicles. AFAD dispatched rescue crews and boats to flood-affected areas to evacuate citizens. The helicopters managed to evacuate a large number of people.

In Karabuk, heavy rains flooded the basements of buildings, and in Kastamonu, flooding damaged agricultural fields.

The video, which was filmed from the place of the disaster, shows how streams of dirty water rush through the streets at high speed.



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