several towns of Aliste are…

Once the telephone connection has been solved in several towns in Aliste with the installation of a Mobile Unit by the Government Subdelegation after the failure of one of the turrets due to the fire that has devastated 30,000 hectares in the Sierra de la Culebra, now comes the television “blackout”.

In San Cristóbal the residents have been without television for four or five days, as in El Poyo or Villarino, while in San Vitero and San Juan de Rebollar more than half of the population cannot access any channel either.

Since the first day of the fire in the Sierra de la Culebra, the inhabitants of Figueruelas, Gallegos, Mondones, Ríomanzanas, Villarino, Flechas, Mahíde, Boya, Pobladura de Aliste and San Pedro de las Herrerías have also had problems seeing the TV.

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