Several residents organize demonstrations against the arrival of Anies Baswedan in Solo


A group of people calling themselves the Greater Solo Society held a rally against Anies Baswedan’s arrival in Solo. It was reported that Anies visited Solo to attend the wedding of one of her friends’ children.

The refusal action was carried out by unfurling posters with a refusal tone on the roadside around the exit area of ​​the Klodran toll booth.

“In our opinion, Anies Baswedan has set a bad example for democracy in Indonesia. He has been conducting covert campaigns in various regions under the guise of a political safari,” action camp coordinator Krisna said when contacted. detik JatengSunday (25/12/2022).

In their action, they unfurled posters reading “Reject Anies Baswedan Covert Campaign”, “Wong Solo Rejects Anies Baswedan”, “Anies Baswedan, Father of Identity Politics, Reject” and many other posters.

According to him, what Anies Baswedan did should have received a ‘red card’ for stealing the start. Thus, making the climate of democracy in Indonesia unhealthy.

This is because Anies often makes visits to different regions of Indonesia, starting from West Java, South Sumatra, Papua and has even visited religious leaders in the city of Solo.

“This could damage the democracy of the Indonesian nation. It’s nothing, it’s already been stolen from the start,” he concluded.

Watch a videoThis is the time for Anies and Gibran to have breakfast together in Solo
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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