Several recommendations made in the direction of achieving Universal Health Coverage – The Sahel

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The International Conference on Social Protection in Health (PSS) ended its work on Friday, May 13 in Niamey. Following four days of work and exchanges, the participating countries published a note of commitments to facilitate access for the weakest to health services through innovative approaches in the mobilization of resources and the promotion of good governance based on accountability to users.

Closing the work in Niamey, the Minister of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs, Mr. Idi Illiasou Mainassara, indicated that by choosing to bring together experts, actors from civil society and policies of several countries, the organizers of the International Conference on Social Protection in Health “have opted for an approach of complementarity and synergy between all the structures involved in the development and implementation of national social protection policies in our different countries”. He explained that PSS is necessary to achieve universal health coverage.

For Minister Idi Illiasou Mainassara, the lessons learned from these four (4) days of reflection and the personal experiences of the participating countries “should allow Niger to build a common vision in its march towards Universal Health Coverage and the reduction of inequalities”. . He asked the organizers, including Enabel, which is the leader, to support his ministerial department and that of Employment and Social Protection on the development of a roadmap “for the implementation of the social protection in health, as a means for the country to progress towards universal health coverage.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Niger, H. E. Myriam Bacquelaine, was pleased with the energy and the time that the participants devoted to the themes developed during the work of the Conference. “I also remember that social protection is not a luxury, as we have already said. It is a necessity to fight against poverty, reduce inequalities and get out of this infernal circle of inequality-poverty, poverty-inequality”, she underlined. HE Myriam Bacquelaine also asked the political authorities of the countries

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participants to pay particular attention to the proposals of their respective field experts and above all to be innovative in going beyond geographical divisions and in mobilizing the financial resources necessary for the PSS.

In their declaration of commitment known as the ”Niamey Declaration” read by Dr Bocar Mamadou Daff from Senegal, the participants in this conference drew attention to the central role played by healthcare services close to the populations and which respond to their essential needs because the supply of care goes hand in hand with social protection in health. They also underlined the strong political will of their respective countries which must however be translated on the ground into concrete initiatives. “States, they note in the declaration, must play a central responsibility, which will make it possible to coordinate all actors and initiatives in the field of PSS”.

Similarly, participants in the International Conference on Social Protection in Health bluntly denounced the fragmentation of the health financing system, a major difficulty shared by all countries. This fragmentation, they argue, leads to the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of all investments in the health social protection sector. Hence their recommendation to States to create a legal framework for the achievement of universal health coverage, followed by social protection in health and the creation of a responsible national institute.

The participants in the Niamey conference also recommend that the political authorities set up and maintain an inclusive social dialogue so that the population can express themselves and work to institutionalize this dialogue. Also, they “must accelerate the availability of financial means, but also the technical skills which must allow a technical and strategic assembly of social protection in health”, they insist in the declaration. But it was on the digitization of the system that the participants focused the most because, they say, digitization, in addition to facilitating the collection of contributions and strengthening good governance, also makes it possible to put users in confidence.

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