Several bathing deaths in NRW – man drowns in the Rhine-Herne Canal

Swimming accidents in North Rhine-Westphalia claimed several lives over the weekend. In Düsseldorf, a swimmer in the Rhine was caught in the current.

Several people died in swimming accidents in NRW over the weekend. In Herne late on Saturday evening, a person could only be rescued dead from the Rhine-Herne Canal – however, according to the first findings of the police, this was not a classic swimming accident.

Man pulled into the Rhine while bathing in Düsseldorf

From late Sunday afternoon onwards, there was a big operation in the Rhine in Düsseldorf – in the evening it was canceled. In the afternoon, a man was caught by the current of a ship while bathing on the so-called “Paradise Beach”. Several friends tried to hold him down: in vain.

The fire department was on duty with lifeboats, helicopters and divers. At 7.30 p.m. she broke off the mission. There was no longer any hope of rescuing the man: One could only speak of a rescue, said a fire department spokesman.

28-year-old pulled from See near Wuppertal and reanimated

Courageous eyewitnesses prevented anything worse at the Beyenburger reservoir on the city limits between Ennepetal and Wuppertal on Sunday afternoon: A 28-year-old mentally disabled man from Wuppertal jumped into the water there, although he could not swim.

Young people pulled him out of the lake and reanimated him. He was taken to a hospital; There was no more information about his health on Sunday evening.

Walkers drowned in the Rhine-Herne Canal

In Hörstel was a 17 year old on Torfmoorsee was initially reported missing, as the police announced on Saturday. After a three-hour search by helicopter, the youth was found dead from the lake. About 30 kilometers away, a 44-year-old was in the same evening Bockholter See in Greven disappeared. Acquaintances would have the man a little later discovered lifeless in the waterthe police said.

In Herne were looking for the fire brigade, police and THW late Saturday night for a missing person in the Rhine-Herne Canal. Among other things, the police sent a helicopter to assist. Divers from the Gelsenkirchen fire brigade and water rescuers from the Herne fire brigade rescued the person from the canal. Attempts to revive the man had to be canceled after a while, but unsuccessfully, according to the fire department. Several people who watched the incident were attended to by an emergency chaplain.

“Everything currently indicates that the man’s dog jumped into the water,” said police spokesman Frank Lemanis when asked. “The man then jumped behind.”

Seven-year-old critically injured in swimming accident

A seven year old boy is in a swimming accident was critically injured in the Viersen district. The boy from Wegberg got im on Saturday for an unclear cause Venekotensee at Niederkrüchten under water, as the police announced. First responders pulled him out and began resuscitation. Then the child was flown to a special clinic by rescue helicopter.

“If there is an improvement in the state of health, this is primarily due to the courageous and consistent intervention of the first aiders, according to the emergency doctor,” said the police. There is a strict bathing ban in the entire area of ​​the Venekotensee.

Search for missing woman in the Rhine near Cologne stopped

The police and fire brigade were with us on Saturday evening Cologne-Rodenkirchen a 29 years old woman from the Rhine rescued. The search for her companion, who was two years her junior, had to be stopped. There is no longer any chance of saving the woman alive from the river, said a fire department spokesman on Sunday. The police have taken over the further investigations into the accident. A spokesman for the water police confirmed that the operation had ended.

A 29-year-old companion of the woman was slightly injured by the police and fire brigade from the Rhine on Saturday evening. Apparently the women had been standing between two groynes in the river when they lost their balance. A canoe crew tried in vain to save them.

The 27-year-old was searched for with several boats, a diver and a rescue helicopter until dark. A police spokesman first announced in the evening that the search should continue on Sunday.

Search for two seniors at Biggesee

In Attendorn in the district of Olpe on Biggesee the fire brigade initiated a large-scale search for two seniors on Friday. The emergency services were alerted because both suddenly disappeared while swimming, said a fire department spokesman. The police and fire brigade then searched the area around Waldenburg Bay for the missing persons, and a helicopter was also used. It cannot be ruled out that the seniors had climbed onto land or onto a boat unnoticed, said the fire department spokesman. A police spokesman said on request that no missing persons reports had been received by Sunday.

Two children who were also missing on the Biggesee on Friday reappeared unharmed after a short time. (dpa)

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