Seven treatments in the cabin to welcome the summer

The treatment requires round and round, that is, passes through the legs, back, belly, arms (these hurt a bit on the inside, really), and can cause stiffness the next day. You leave a bit sore, yes, but very relaxed and with the mission of drink plenty of water to expel toxins and with palpable results (the photos they take of you before and after, for your personal use, say it all).

We love: The results in terms of volume loss are immediate and you come out of the cabin as if you were floating …


The hotel sensation of the season is the Mandarin Oriental Ritz de Madrid, so its highly anticipated area wellness it couldn’t be less. It is signed by the prestigious Paz Torralba, CEO of the centers The Beauty Concept, a benchmark in the capital, which It has also designed a specific protocol for the only cabin in the hotel (beware of exclusivity, there is only one). It’s called the Sublime Mandarin Oriental Ritz, adapts to the needs of each person, respecting the hormonal identity, and it is made with Swiss brand products Valmont.

The ritual, which lasts an hour and a half, begins with a double and deep cleansing so that the skin is more receptive to the active principles. It is then exfoliated to remove dead cells and applied a custom mask to oxygenate, repair and hydrate. After it, a second mask with a tightening effect is applied to the face, neck and décolleté. To end, the skin is hydrated with a serum concentrate, also personalized. The applied collagen veil heals, balances, rejuvenates and restores radiance. Finally, face, neck and décolleté are worked with a treatment cream (€ 350).



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