Seven Serbs arrested in Bosnia on suspicion of war crimes – Abroad – News

Seven men, most of them former soldiers, are suspected of “planning, organizing and participating in” the killing and persecution of Muslim civilians in the Sokolac district in eastern Bosnia in September 1992, the prosecutor’s office said.

The Bosnian Serb army attacked the village of Novoseoci, separating women and children from men who were later shot in a dump.

The victims, aged 14 to 82, were buried after the shooting, but the women and children were deported from the village.

After the massacre, the village mosque was destroyed and its ruins taken to a dump where they were crushed over the people killed.

Among the victims was also one woman who was killed in the attack, according to a statement from the prosecutor’s office.

The statement said former Bosnian Serb general Radislav Krstić, who is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence for his involvement in the Srebrenica massacre, was also suspected in the case. He is scheduled to be questioned.

Another suspect is currently in Canada and Bosnia will demand his extradition, the prosecutor’s office said.

During the war, Bosnian Serb forces took control of about a third of Bosnia’s territory, expelling Muslims and Croats and killing thousands.

More than 100,000 people lost their lives in the war.


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