Seven new cholera cases detected in Villa Liberación and Solares

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Ministry of Public health detected seven new cases of cholera through corresponding analyses, including six Dominicans, four male and two female, residing in Villa Liberación and the Solares del Almirante in Santo Domingo Este.

The males are between 66, 41, 35 and 23 years old respectively, while the Dominicans are 47 and 22 years old, the seventh case is imported, corresponding to a 47-year-old male patient of Haitian nationality.

The patients were admitted between January 26 and 27, after presenting whitish watery diarrhea accompanied by vomiting. From their admission to the health center they were hydrated, to proceed immediately to take the stool samples, a positive result for cholera today, Sunday, January 29.

The medical report certifies that the patients have been without evacuations for more than 30 hours, remaining stable, and remaining hospitalized for observation purposes, with possible discharge in the next few hours.

Similarly, the Directorates of Health Areas I and VI, together with the Vice-Ministry of Collective Health, its Epidemiology Directorate and the Ministry’s Risk Management Directorate, maintain the epidemiological fence with close relatives, to whom it was also applied. the corresponding vaccines to avoid new infections, while the intervention in the areas continues to prevent and investigate any suspected case of the disease, in addition, the mobile medical office is installed to deal with any emergency presented in the identified sectors.

Similarly, the epidemiological report establishes that so far there are no relatives of the patient with suspicious symptoms of the disease. Public Health ratifies that the intervention is maintained in the La Zurza sector, where no new cases have been reported for more than four weeks, and maintains attention to Haitian nationals who return to the country from Port-au-Prince, given the possibility that they may enter infected of the illness.

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The population is urged to take care of themselves, maintain hygiene, keep in mind hand washing before and after going to the bathroom, cook food well, consume chlorinated water, and otherwise boil the water to drink before consuming it; If you have watery diarrhea several times a day, stay well hydrated and go immediately to the nearest health center.

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